BJP stalwarts gave their best. Did 7 BJP MPs of Delhi fought like warriors in Kurukshetra of Delhi?

The giant armies of Pandava’s and Kaurava’s had assembled at Kurukshetra. After seeing his grandfather, teachers, uncles, brothers and nephews standing to fight with him at middle of Kurukshetra, a mighty Arjun is filled with compassion for them. A confused Arjun is overwhelmed with grief. His mouth dries and his body shakes.

Then, distressed Arjun asked God Krishna, “Hey Madhav, “How do I fight with my own relatives and revered Gurus? What victory and kingdom would I enjoy after slaying my own kith and kin?” Arjun implores further, “O Madhusudan, I do not wish to kill them, even if they attack me.” And Arjun left aside his bow and arrows, and sank into the seat of his chariot, his mind in distress.

God Krishna tries to answer his dilemma, “O Parth, those who are standing to fight with you are your relatives, but they took side of evildoers. They allowed sins to happen in front of them. They remained mute spectators when a woman was molested. Being a warrior, you must fight the righteous war to establish virtue and Dharma on the earth. If ADHARMA wins on the earth, there would be nothing but chaos, anarchy, misrule and lawlessness on the earth. Next, God Krishna preached Bhagavad Geeta to Arjuna.

Today, place of Kurukshetra has changed. An anarchist and Islamist in disguise of Delhi chief minister, whose MLA Amanutullah Khan, openly supported a Jihadi and nation’s enemy Sharjeel Imam, who is emptying treasure of Delhi
following in the footsteps of Venezuela by distributing free tickets to the loss-making DTC has swept the Delhi Assembly Election. An anarchist party, whose MLA Amanutullah Khan blatantly instigated riots, has won Delhi Election, but virtue and Dharma have lost.

Dear 7 MPs of Delhi, few months back Delhi gave you their mandate. Delhi was a Kurukshetra for you, from where did you get disconnected from Delhi citizens? You can’t complain that Shaheen Bagh didn’t serve as an eye opener for Delhi voters. You can’t crib that Delhi voters can be lured with freebies. If this is Kurukshetra of today for you, why didn’t you fight the war like warriors? Smriti Irani achieved unthinkable when she fought in Amethi. Even she couldn’t inspire you.

Stalwarts like Narendra Modi, Amit Shah and Yogi Adityanath even RSS threw all their strengths.

Dear Delhi BJP Unit, If you display your inability to cope with the situation in Delhi chaos, anarchy, misrule and lawlessness would start from Delhi and engulf the entire nation. You have to fight the devil in devil’s style….

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