About Us

IndSamachar is a young Digital News organization making a mark amongst Indian and Global audiences. We at IndSamachar are rooted in Indian culture guided by the vedic wisdom ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ as the only absolute truth – rest all being perspectives and news. News is all around us – in politics, business, technology, entertainment and sports! We capture the news with a uniquely Indian perspective that celebrates knowledge, supports progress, deep dives into society with simplicity and depth.

We have a management and journalists’ team driven by ideologic and nationalistic fervor that stands true to democracies across the world. We pick and choose news from a growing pool of over 800 independent reporters.

IndSamachar has an alliance with Ruptley’s for global video news. We operate out of news bureaus in India, Canada, US, Europe and aspirations to grow into other geographies.

Management Team

M S Narayanan
Chief Executive Officer

A visionary leader for Indsamachar, Narayanan has to his credit a rich corporate experience acquired over 25 years. He has played pivotal role in various capacities on Board and Senior leadership teams of diverse organisations like Seventymm, Zee Network , Max New York Life, ICICI , Sun Infoways , Nexus Computers & IBM. His core expertise is in nurturing and leading Operations, Strategy, Marketing and Information Technology. As the Founder & CEO of Indsamachar, he provides thought leadership and strategic impetus to the media house. He has been instrumental in conceptualizing and developing the digital media house into a brand with national scale and presence.

Narayanan’s unique ability to spot new trends and introduce innovative concepts, has earned him recognition in the industry. Attention to details, strong result focus, deep intuitive understanding of consumer preferences and choice — combined with his zeal and energy — is the enduring force behind Indsamachar.


Srikumar Balakrishnan
Managing Editor 

Srikumar Balakirshnan, is a stalwart in journalism hailing from Chennai,India. Through his distinguished career Sri has led Correspondent teams in media houses like Sun News, Zee News, NDTV-HINDU, NEWSX. He widely covered socio-economic and political across various states in India. He was instrumental in setting up Television station for News 7 Tamil, Cauvery News Tamil in Tamil Nadu and then driving viewership as Input Editor of the Channels. Sri conceived and developed Digital Media for News 7 and Cauvery News.
At IndSamachar Srikumar is the Managing Editor – leading content generation and coverage teams across India. He also leads global alliances, thus enabling global coverage of news from diverse geographies.


Deepika A
Chief Marketing Officer- Strategy and Global Alliances

Deepika has over 15 years of experience working with global teams like sales, technical and customer services at senior leadership levels. Liaising, identifying opportunities and trouble shooting are her strengths.
At IndSamachar she leads the teams in global geographies to deliver marketing and branding impact. She is responsible for mutually beneficial alliances with organisations.


S N Suresh Lal
Sr Vice President- Business Development 

Suresh is Senior VP Business Development at IndSamachar. Suresh is a Chemical Engineer and an MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. He has over 20 years of management experience in diverse sectors like power generation, manufacturing, food processing, software product development, banking and finance. Suresh has held the prestigious position of advisor to RBI for RTGS.
He has worked extensively in India and Europe.
Suresh is passionate about education and has encouraged over three lakh students to realize their goals.
He is a voracious reader and a keen observer of politics, economics, and technology.


Srikanth G
Asst Vice President- Social Media
Srikanth G comes with 12+ years of experience in IT industry, Telecom and Manufacturing with experience in strategy, products, operations, business process, and customer/user experience. His entrepreneurial zeal & social media expertise adds tremendous value to IndSamachar. Srikanth is passionate about the social media, news & multimedia, digital marketing. With his learning agility he guides the social media team at IndSamachar to remain relevant and competitive in an ever shifting digital world







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