Do Tamil people believe in astrology?

Dr.Nadathur Srivatchan

Yes. They do. more than any part of the world! Please be prepared for a lengthy extensive answer, hope you will like it!

Tamil culture is Unique compared to Rest of India.

Tamil culture is unique because of their connected life to life cycle and food habits.

Tamilnadu boast of 18 Siddhars, who represented energy of lord shiva as guru to the followers!

North Indians may not be aware of all the 18 siddhars but they would have heard following siddhars

  1. Agasthiyar (Amazing works in the Area of Astrology and Ayurveda). One has to Visit Agasthya mountains in southern Tamilnadu. Amazing place for transformation

2. Bogar (Budhi Dharmar, One who visited China, taught them the art of Ayurveda and Yoga to them)

He has made statue of Lord Muruga (Karthikeya) out of 9 poisons (Nava Bashana), and Installed it in Palani (One of the Famous temple in Tamilnadu)

3. Thirumular (Amazing works on Human Body) his works are in his “Thirumanthiram” He had written works on human body on the level of atomic scale, 7000 years ago!

Tamilnadu is the land of Gnanis and Yogis!

Their way of life or living is tune with the Santana Dharma!

Though there are other religions do exists in Tamilnadu, like any part of India. More so specifically after the Invasion that started from 13th Century followed by colonial rule. We get to see the Spiritual inclination of Tamil people, even before world reference time of 2000AD!

Tamilnadu has 88% Hindu population. The reason why I focus on the Hindu Population is astrology deals with the concept of Karma. Unless you accept Karma and rebirth, Astrology may not appeal much to the person. Because Karma and Rebirth are essential components of Astrology.

Now to answer

Tamilnadu has highest number of temples. Nearly 33,000 ancient temples, many at least 800 to 5000 years old, are found scattered all over the state. Most of the largest temples are in the state of Tamilnadu. Studded with complex architecture, variety of sculptures, and rich inscriptions, the temples remain the very essence of the culture and heritage of Tamil land, with historical records dating back to at least 3,000 years.

The state also abounds with temple tanks. The state has 2,359 temple tanks located in 1,586 temples.

Tamilnadu has 88 of 108 Vaishnava Divyadesam in India.

Tamilnadu Highest number of Shiva temple!

Why this connection? Temples are sacred place where one offers prayers to the god, to repent for the mistakes as well as the get the blessings of deities to come out of the problem.


Now to the main story

Tamil people believe in the concept of karma, that’s why they put rice flour design early in the morning in front of their home, to feed the ants!

Every Hindu in Tamilnadu light lamp during early morning and evening, to invoke Mahalakshmi, and positive vibration in their home or office (Basically it comes under Tantra Sastra)

Tamilnadu has temples for everything and for every deity

Temple town of Kumbakonam (300km from chennai) has Nava Graha Temples

Tamilnadu has Temple for 9 planets in the following places

  1. Suryanar Koil for Sun (Surya)
  2. Thingaloor for Moon (Chandra)
  3. Vaitheswaran Koil for Mars (Mangal)
  4. Thiruvenkadu for Mercury (Budha)
  5. Alangudi for Jupiter (Guru)
  6. Kanchanoor for Venus (Sukra)
  7. Thirunallar for Saturn
  8. Keezhaperumpallam for Ketu
  9. Thirunegaswaram for Rahu

Tamilnadu has Temple for all 27 Naksthras

Tamilnadu has temple for Lord Brahma

(Lord Brahama Who changes the fate of people !)

Tamilnadu has temple for Lord Saraswathi (The Lord all Vidyas)

Tamilnadu is famous for Producing great musicians and dancers (Blessings of Saraswathi – Lord 64 art forms)

(Dancer Padma Subramanyam & Carnatic Singer Sudha Raghunathan)

(Most Revered M.S.Subbu Lakshmi)

Tamilnadu has temple for Yama Dharamaraj

Tamilnadu has temple for Yama’s Assistant Chitra Gupta, One has our Karma Account in tact.

The temple is dedicated to Lord Chitragupta one who takes care of our karma account. People who are in their death bed, their family visit this temple to pray for them to get moksha without any problem.

There are temple for child prayers, One of the famous temple is Thirukarugavur, Garbarakshaambigai (Garba – Progeny + Raksha (Protect) + Ambigai (Sakthi ).

The Parvathi (Ambal) one who blesses with child as well as protects the progeny is called Garbarakshambigai.

Tamil people revere Cows and they have plenty of Goshala throughout state, apart from rising the cows in every village (Gomadha , who is none other than Kamadhenu). All temples have daily ritual of having Gomadha pooja!

Tamil people celebrate more festivals compared to anyone with rest of India

which gets to highlight their faith in the karma reflected in the festivals and pooja they celebrate (Which is like Thanks giving)

Unlike North India, Tamil people perform their marriage based on Jathaga Porutham ( Match making) 60 to 70% marriages are Arranged (Horoscope matching) even with love marriage, both side family tend to perform parihara for the marriage to avoid negativity.

(They are Dhina, Gana, Mahendra, Sthree Dheerga, Yoni, Rasi, Rasi athipathi (Lorship, Vasyam Rajju and Vedhai. These are based on 10 point scale to match the horoscope)

Tamil People always start any work on auspicious time, avoids inauspicious time (Rahu Kaal and Yamakanda) and so on.

They observe Auspicious days every month on the following dates

(Amavaysa (Ancestors), Pournami (To get blessings of Moon/ Venus, Mahalakshmi), Krithigai star (for Lord Muruga), Sankashta Hara Chathurthi (for Removal of Problem through Ganesha), Eskadashi (Vrat performed for Lord Vishnu), Shivaratri and then Pradosha (To Remove past life karma, which creates obstacles)

Tamil people celebrate their 60th year of Married couple (Husband completing 6th birhday) at Thirukadayar to increase longevity and happiness as per sastras.

Amritha Kadeswarar (One Extends longevity, One who provides nectar or boon)

(Couple celebrating Wedding day at the temple, (Shastiyapatha Poorthi)

I guess I am really tired in writing, I guess so does you in reading this answer.. I will stop here.

Even politicians across sections (All parties) always trust in astrology and they start their campaign and filing papers in a auspicious day and time.

Hope you get the feel of how Astrology is part of Tamil people and culture

I have written just 1% of activity, and I will stop here with this 1%

Please share the answer to spread the message of Vedic Astrology



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