I am not going to discuss the SARKARIA COMMISSION before and after. The Sarkaria Commission has already made its indelible mark in the public memory, by castigating MK for having fathered, in a very distinguished, yet execrable way, the scientific way of doing Corruption. While it is, from recent memory, clear as crystal that even the redoubtable MK was outdone spectacularly by Aundimuthu Raja, Dayanithi Maran and Kanimozhi [pardon my ignorance about her current surname].

In the 1977 elections, the DMK lost the assembly elections to MGR’s new-found AIADMK. After that, all the way till MGR’s death in December 1987 and a couple of years later, the DMK was kept out of power, to the extent that MK had to cry (glycerine-aided, of course) to the public that his vanavasam was punishment enough during the subsequent election campaigns. However, an interesting turn of events aided MK’s re-ascent to power.

After MGR’s death in December 1987, the AIADMK split into two factions between Janaki (MGR’s widow) and Jayalalithaa (his political heir). The DMK returned to power in the 1989 State assembly elections and Karunanidhi took over as chief minister in January 1989. In the year 1991, elections were held in the backdrop of the DMK government having been dissolved within 2 years of formation, and this dissolution was “allegedly” due to pressure from Rajiv Gandhi.

It would be interesting to note that in the same year, during the election campaign, Rajiv was killed by an LTTE Human Suicide Bomber. The DMK was seen as having been responsible for harbouring the now-banned LTTE and as a result of this perception (of having been hand-in-gloves with the assassins) the DMK lost the parliamentary elections. Subsequently, in the 1996 state elections, the DMK came to power playing up the corruption charges against Jayalalithaa. Their vigour was strengthened, apart from the strong anti-Jayalalithaa wave, by the alliance with Tamil Maanila Congress (TMC), headed by GK Moopanar (who had broken up with the parent Congress party to float the TMC). But the clincher to their campaign was the support of cine actor Rajinikanth, who had famously mouthed this dialogue against Jayalalithaa: if they come back to power, even God can’t save Tamil Nadu.

The tables turned very quickly and starting a pattern thereafter. In 2001 state assembly elections, the AIADMK, on the strength of a rainbow-like alliance and the anti-incumbency factor against DMK, came back to power. Not to be outdone, in the 2004 parliamentary elections, the DMK formed an alliance with the Congress, the Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (MDMK, floated by the avowed LTTE sympathizer Vaiko, aka V Gopalaswamy) and the Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) and swept to a grand victory, the alliance winning all 40 seats including Pondicherry. This enabled the DMK to grab 7 valuable ministerial posts in the Central government, thereby bestowing hugely influential power to the DMK.

Two years later, in the 2006 state assembly elections, the same alliance, as in the Centre, won and the DMK, for the first time, was forced to form a minority government in the state with help from Congress. M Karunanidhi became the Chief Minister of the state for the fifth time. The DMK-Congress alliance continued their successful run in the 2009 parliamentary elections too. However, in the 2011 assembly elections, held in the wake of the 2G case and allegations of nepotism, the DMK won only 23 seats, losing 127 seats from the previous elections,

In the 2014 parliamentary elections, the DMK failed to win any seat; political analysts credit these bruising losses to the 2G scam, which is debated furiously even today, for the sheer enormity of the amounts involved. The accused are currently out, and the present central government is working towards reopening the case and it seems likely that there will be an appeal against the acquittal.

Even for a cursory analyst, the alliance of DMK and Congress is a perfect match made in hell (obviously not heaven). Congress is besmirched in corruption for years, and of recent visage are the scams in areas ranging from coal to mining to aviation to environment and so on; the less said about these parties, the better it is, as people, educated by multiple sources these days, are well aware of the entire minutiae of these scams.

Given this elaborate background, it is important now to look deeply into why the DMK should not be voted to power in the state of Tamil Nadu – you name an area, and they would be in it, with the proverbial hand in the pie in one form or the other. Their control over the Tamil (and many other Indian languages) media in one form or the other, their brutal thug-army they let loose liberally to stifle voices or even to eliminate people, even from their own camp, their evil shenanigans of footloose morality & fancy-free dalliances, their blatant minority-appeasement strategy under the falsified brand of secularism, their brazen anti-Hindu stance in every matter of life – all of this is so scary.

Under the garb of being pro-minorities, their fiendish acts are truly abominable. Consider Kanimozhi’s links with Jegath Gaspar Raj. The latter claims to be a Catholic Priest. That claim is as yet unsubstantiated, with no validation yet from the Pontiff, it is anybody’s guess as to what he is up to under the garb of a priest. He also runs an organization called Tamizh Maiyam, which is a money spinner (and a hawala operator, benami organization and a shell company, acting as the conduit for converting a lot of black money into white. Gaspar’s tenure as the Director of Radio Veritas or as the promoter of the loftily named THAMIZHAR THOZHIL VARTHGA PERUMANDRAM (Grand Foundation of Tamil Business Development) is as dubious as it sounds. In 2009, he was literally, and visibly, the liaison between #LTTE and the Tamil Nadu government. It was pruriently rumoured that wherever Gaspar was, this lady wasn’t far behind. and vice versa.

While the lady’s father MK was seen grovelling with the Mullahs for their customary Ramadan (Roza) Porridge, the daughter was seen appeasing the Christians with Gaspar in tow. Well, you may say that this is nothing new. Yes, it is nothing new to the Indian Psec [Pseudo Seculars] – most of it was done as openly and as brazenly as in many other instances of vote bank politics. However, there is a subtle difference – ignoring the Hindus is different from deriding them.

To the DMK, in their lexicon, the word Hindu was nothing but anti–Brahmin. That their auditors, book-keepers, advocate, private priests are all senior Brahmins, is a matter beyond public consumption. Their anti–Brahmin stand remains their favourite card to play (with anti-Hindi, anti-Tamil, Cauvery, Mullai Periyar, and farmers being their other stale cards). And this card of anti-Brahmanism should be seen as an anti-Hindu narrative they sought to assiduously build.

The tide, however, is turning. With active conversion activities going on in an in-your-face manner across villages, where the missionaries abuse Hindu Gods or the latently intolerant attitude of the Muslims coming out in the open or the inhuman practices scripturally endorsed by the Abrahamic religious books being shared in public discourse, the DMK;s downfall has begun. The trigger point, however, was their pro-Karuppar Koottam stand. The KK team, currently being supported by the other residents of the cesspool that TN politics is, that is Thirumurgan Gandhi, Thirumavalavan (VCK) and the DMK, was seen trampling on holy grounds of Hinduism, when they heaped abuses on Lord Karthikeya (aka, Murugan, aka the Tamil God). This woke the Hindus up from their deep-rooted tolerant slumber and has seen protests erupt across the state. The DMK, not having learnt its lessons or not being able to read the tea-leaves, and out of sheer desperation of being out of power for over 10 years now, is attempting its best to regain power in the state. It is time that we told the truth to the public – the truth that the DMK is a ship filled with holes, soaking up water and is destined to sink sooner or later [sooner the better]. They have lost not only credibility but also their fervour; for people now are wiser and have come forward to ensure that there will be NO DMK in power after 2021

About the Author

Shankar Nagarajan

A post graduate in English , a degree in law ,a PG diploma in IR&PM, an MBA from Brigham Young, actively socially involved ,2015 deluge – Cuddalore being the focal point , responsible for 3 Veda padasala, 2 ghosalas, hails from a middle class family ,a nationalist, passion for everything done, a book to be released shortly .

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