What’s in the Name – Prayagraj or Allahabad?

What’s in the Name – Prayagraj or Allahabad?

When USA won its independence from Britain on 4th July 1776, the first thing they did was to destroy the entire culture, rules, and the symbols related to British Empire wiping out every proof of invasion their sinister rule.

Today a modern American does not even know who they won their independence from.
When you get a divorce due to an abusive relationship, you neither celebrate the birthdays of your partners, nor you keep the last name of your partner. You go back to your maiden names and try to erase all objects that have the ability to rekindle a painful memory. You keep the alimony and destroy everything that reminds of him or her because it hurts your sentiments. It’s that simple. What we are witnessing in India is a beginning of the realization and coming to terms with erasing the memories of the abusive and painful relationship. Indians have started to restoring their city names that represent a culture that does not belong to it.

What is in a name?
When communists came to power in East Germany after the WW2, the first thing they did was to change the names of a number of streets and towns.
* Chemnitz was renamed as Karl-Marx Stadt.
* Leipzig University was renamed as Karl-Marx University.
* Streets all across East Germany were named after Lenin, Stalin, Ernst Thälmann, Rosa Luxembourg, Marx, Engels and other Marxists.
* Statues of communist leaders were erected across East Germany.

But when Germany was unified in 1991, all the names were changed to their pre-WW2 names by the government of unified Germany. Statues of Lenin and Stalin were demolished across East Germany. Streets and Alleys of East Germany were renamed.

If there is nothing in a name, why did the invaders at the first place, change the names of Prayagraj to Allahabad, Karnavati to Ahmedabad, Ishwarpur to Islampur, Hanumanpur to Humayunpur, etc?

Irrespective of how liberal you are, will you name your son as Kans or Duryodhan?
Will you name your daughter as Shurpanakha or Pootna ?

Why do parents name their daughters Aditi, and not Diti ?

Why do parents name their sons Arjuna and not Shakuni?

Forget the characters from scriptures, will anybody name their kids “paraajay (defeat)? However, Vijay is a common name.
Will anyone name their children “Daanav”? However, Dev is a common name.

We should stop acting like fools in the name of appearing cool. We should have respect for your ancestry and forefathers, who faced the oppression of invaders – first Islamic and then British – but still managed to pass their traditions, culture, customs and faith despite all the odds. We must have some self-respect about our identity, about our existence and about our past!!!

Our cities were named Prayagraj, Karnavati, Ishwarpur, Hanumanpur, Lakshmannagar, etc. Our forefathers were killed, our ancestors raped, murdered and oppressed by those who established these very signs. We must have some pride and self-respect. Spare some thought for our ancestors and what they braved when the barbaric invaders were trying their best to behead, convert and rape our forefathers.

They never compromised with their pride.
They never compromised with their ideals.
They never gave up their identity.
They never relinquished their dharma.

If we troll, ridicule, loathe, mock and make fun of efforts, to erase the very symbols of oppression and tyranny one by one, there is something severely wrong with your identity!! There is everything in a name. It stands for our identity. It represents our culture, our heritage, the values that our society stands for, and the icons our society respects!!!

We should get rid of the inferiority complex and slowly regain our identity that had been systematically erased from eleventh century.



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