Weekend Explainer | All you need to know about EB-5, H-1B’s lesser-known cousin


Moneycontrol’s Neha Alawadhi draws a comparison between the H-1B and EB-5 visas, the two most widely used legal documents for passage to the US

The American dream for Indians has always been linked to the H-1B work visa. But, there is suddenly a new visa that’s making news: EB-5. Also known as the ‘investor visa’ or the ‘golden ticket’, the visa has become so popular that there is now a two-year backlog for applications from Indian.

So what exactly is the EB-5 visa? Why is it all over the news? Does it cost an arm and a leg? Does it really make it easy for you to get a green card? And surely there must be some catch?

Special correspondent, Neha Alawadhi, answers these questions in this explainer and brings you up to speed.


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