Uniform Civil Code – Blast from the Past: Puranic Evidence

Cross-border infiltration is a centuries old problem that our nation continues to face today. Apart from increasing our already burgeoning population numbers, the infiltrators bring with them oblique agendas to occupy our territories and obliterate the fabric of our society. They initially invaded with the intention to loot and scoot, but upon experiencing the endless wealth and inclusive mindset of the natives, stayed for the long haul. Their aggressive attitude served them well in maintaining their alien lifestyle rather than assimilating even after hundreds of years, and the non-assimilation eventually translated into division of the country into multiple parts.

After suffering the pain of 1947’s partition, our administrators should have been extra vigilant in this regard.  Our founding fathers witnessed the biggest genocide in history unfold right in front of their eyes; and yet its perpetrators were absolved of all blame and placed at par with the victims who were forced to wield arms to protect themselves. Even though it would be presumptuous to assume them to be intentionally unjust towards their own masses, when the articles of our constitution are analyzed, we discover a consistent inconsideration of facts all through. Therefore it can be safely deduced that the erstwhile leaders were a short-sighted team of misinformed egocentric individuals; most of whom were unconcerned with either the present day plight of their people or the future of the nation itself.

Democracy being the chosen form of government, the leaders of various political parties have only cared about swinging voters in their favor, or better yet develop a permanent support base. And thus the long term policy of minority appeasement took root in the putrid soil of selfish stimuli. Endless problems have risen out of this one single cause, but solving them has not been the priority of any of the regimes till date. Instead we have seen further divisions being created, and more and more malicious amendments made to an already riddled constitution.

After seven decades of such kakistocracy, a form of government in which the worst persons are in power, our nation today once again stands at a juncture where the so-called minorities have started voicing a demand for further division against a threat of imminent civil unrest. Even though we finally seem to have a determined leadership at helm in the center, regional leaders continue to hold us at bay, assured of the support of their faithfully inculcated voter base. This apparent maleficence on their part is finally forcing the usually complacent and inclusive majority to awaken. A national debate has at last started on the subject. But misinformation and associated dilemmas still run rampant. One dose of twisted logic trumpeted by liberal intellectuals is mostly enough to direct the masses back to their sleeping dens. The most commonly misused concept being secularism often based on the misquoted “Sarva Dharma Sambhava” Sutra. To remove any doubts about its correct interpretation, we must seek a relevant Pauranic reference as the very purpose of Puranas is to illustrate the Vedic Sutras.

While it seems unlikely that our Puranas would have a story that remotely fits the current scenario, surprisingly I stumbled upon one recently. 

Harivansh Purana is an ancient historical text compiled by Maharishi Vyasa (A history of the Early Indians between 3,000 B.C. and 5,000 B.C). In Chapter 1, verse 14, there is the reference of middle-eastern invaders (Shak, Yavan, Kaamboj, Pahnav and Paarad) who had taken over territories inside India and had permanently settled down there. They ousted the erstwhile king Baahu. After his death, his pregnant queen found sanctuary in the ashram of Rishi Aurav, where she gave birth to Prince Sagar. The Rishi trained Sagar and gave him the knowledge of the Aagneya-Astra. When of age, Sagar proceeded to reclaim his father’s kingdom, and started killing the foreign settlers mercilessly, who then ran to Rishi Vasistha for protection. Vasishtha brokered a deal with the Prince on their behalf, but not without extracting a promise from them first. They had to renounce their foreign way of life and adapt to Aaryan code of conduct if they wanted to live in Bharat. Sagar oversaw their assimilation process making sure that they trained to dress, talk, and behave like Aryas. That was the stringent condition under which they were given an equal right to live in the Aryan society.

This is a crystal clear narrative with no room for ambiguity. “Sarva Dharma Sambhava” may be practiced as long as there is peace between our Dharma and theirs. But if it threatens the very existence of our Dharma, then prompt and precise action must be taken as survival of Sanatana Dharma is paramount. No law, rule or articles can take precedence over it. If they do then they must be amended so that they are in accordance with the eternal code of conduct, the Sanatana Dharma.

Coming back to the current scenario, it’s time that as the bearers of majority, we assert our presence and our beautiful way of life. The need of the hour is to push the government to amend the constitution and enforce a Uniform Civil Code which adheres to the Sanatan Dharma. All who want to live as citizens of our ancient Aaryavarta must adopt an Sanatan lifestyle first.

Jai Shri Ram! Jai Hind! Vande Matram!

Geetanjali is an aspiring author and poet. She is always curious about the stories from our scriptures and their interpretation in the modern context. Follow her on twitter @_ankahi



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