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Coronavirus: Triple lockdown in Thiruvananthapuram as Kerala’s Covid-19 tally rises

As the coronavirus graph is going up steadily in Kerala, the state government on Monday imposed a week-long triple lockdown in the state capital Thiruvananthapuram and in parts of Malappuram district. Under the triple lockdown — imposed at the street, mohalla and town levels — people are restricted from exiting their houses, with strict surveillance in place.

The state reported two deaths on Monday, taking the toll to 28. With 193 new cases reported, the total number of cases in the state shot up to 5,622, of which 2,252 are active and 3,341 have recovered. Around 160,000 people are under observation, said chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan, adding that strict norms were introduced to check the dangerous spread of the disease.

“True, there will be some difficulties due to the triple lockdown. But we have to suffer it for the larger interest,” said the CM.

Officials said that under the triple lockdown, all streets and roads will be off-limits to residents. In case of any emergency, people can contact the police and seek help. Each area will be manned by a senior officer and violators will be either arrested or shifted to institutional quarantine facilities. Each locality will have only a single entry and exit point.

After many complaints surfaced, the government issued relaxations for Thiruvananthapuram, allowing residents to purchase essentials between 7am and 11am.

The situation turned serious in the state capital as the source of infection for many cases could not be traced. In Malappuram, Ponnani and adjoining areas are also under a complete lockdown.

On Saturday, the government had amended the Kerala Epidemic Diseases Control Ordinance 2020 to give more teeth to lockdown laws. It made face masks and social distancing mandatory for one year. The fine for those who are not wearing mask has been increased to ₹10,000 or two-year jail term. In the first week of May, the state was on the verge of flattening the curve but cases increased after the return of expatriates and those stranded in other states.



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