Tailored narrative on 26/11 by ISI and Congress combined exposed.

The erstwhile top cop of the Mumbai and called as local boy, Rakesh Maria launched his book let me say it, and the statements he made there created tremors nationwide. Once again the bitter memories of 26/11 are back with altogether new details that shook the whole narrative. Unlike United States, bureaucracy is not opinionated in our country. The intelligent minds who handle government and it’s affairs from behind the curtain are always keeping some secrets that most of the people take it to their graves. But some show the gumption of saying the bitter truth in public without any hesitation. The system is made such that the people who is in the system cannot say the truth when he is in the system. Once he is free from the system, he or she can take out the rabbit from the hat. Again, very few show that courage, otherwise the secrets are buried with the dead.

But such revelation of secrets are the invitation of the wrath and attacks from the people who have drove their propaganda to hide the truth which is not beneficial for them. Rakesh Maria is facing such wrath right now on the statement of Ajmal Kasab as Sameer Chowdhary. The Ex-Top cop said that if Ajmal Kasab was not captured alive by the police, the trap was designed such that the dead Kasab would be identified as the Sameer Chowdhary from Bengaluru. He had tied the saffron thread, which morphologically shown him as a Hindu. The narrative of Hindu Terrorism which was consistently coined by Digvijay Singh was on it’s way to become authentic and popular. The common man, who always think with the wisdom, not with the propaganda. But if the lie is told to you 100 times, mind accepts it as truth.

The point here is not to target any religion, but to target the narrative which simply alters the truth irrespective of what truth is. The attempt to hide the religion of Ajmal Kasab and to paint him in some other religion just to show the propaganda that is not the truth. The book of Rakesh Maria is not the start of any such narrative but the counter of the narrative of a book who was written by a former inspector general S M Mushrif in the year 2009. The book named ‘Who killed Karkare?’ was written by Mushrif where the propaganda of Hindu Terrorism was written with very creative anecdotes, like a suspense thriller. The book and it’s narrative was upheld by so called liberals, who always want to propagate their idea as the authentic truth and everything else is a mere false. These people always have a iron curtain on their ears and eyes that opens and shuts down as per their convenience. The intolerance to see the other side is always remained their important characteristics .

But that narrative was nullified by another IPS officer which was the joint commissioner back then at the time of the 26/11, had created new storms for sure. The fog around truth is not yet cleared. We hope that the crystal clear truth will come out soon. Because the hope runs the world.

But one more wild thought, always popped in the mind that, why only this date was chosen to attack on the economic capital of India? When some logic is applied the answer is not that hard. It is the same date when the constituent assembly of India adopted the well crafted constitution, whose drafting was headed by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar. It seems that it was not only the plan to attack on people to show presence of terror but to fade the memories of this day where we actually laid the foundation to become a republic and starting the era of self rule after almost 850 years of invasions and foreign rule. The question is have they succeeded? to an extent, unfortunately yes. Because when you ask school kids what happend on 26 November, just do not mention any year. The kid will simply answer, “Arey ha tabhi Mumbai pe attack hua tha, kuch logo ne aake bomb foda tha Taj pe.” To make next generation aware of the fact that this day is not only black day. Of course the people should keep in mind the sacrifices of the braves, no doubt. But they should remember 26 November as the date of foundation of the republic rule and governance as per constitution.

Rahul Ramdas Mahangare
Twitter: @MahangareRahul
A postgraduate in the field of Biochemistry, a freelancer in writing who writes four liners, shayari and article on various occasions.

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