Kieron Pollard named West Indies skipper in limited-overs: Report

Following a disappointing performance at the World Cup and thereafter a complete whitewash against India, Cricket West Indies (CWI) have reportedly decided to sack Jason Holder and Carlos Brathwaite as skippers of ODI and T20I teams and have named Kieron Pollard as captain in limited-overs cricket.

According to a report in Trinidad & Tobago Guardian, the decision was taken by CWI Board of Directors on Saturday, the first day of their two-day regular quarterly meeting in Port of Spain.

According to the report, Pollard was the player proposed by the selection committee and when the vote was taken, he got the support from six directors while the other six abstained.

The 32-year-old last played an ODI in 2016. He was kept in the reserves for the 2019 World Cup and then featured in the T20Is against India.

The big-hitting all-rounder has so far played 101 ODIs, in which he has scored 2,289 runs at an average of 25.71 with three centuries and nine fifties. He has also scalped 50 wickets in this format. In T20Is, he has played 62 matches, scoring 903 runs at an average of 21.50 and has snared 23 wickets.

West Indies finished ninth in the 10-team World Cup tournament held in England and Wales. They managed to register just two wins out of the nine matches they played in the showpiece event and finished just above Afghanistan.

Against India, Windies failed to register even a single win in the three T20Is, three ODIs and two Test matches. The only match that the West Indies did not lose in the latest home series against the Men in Blue was an abandoned ODI.

West Indies will next play against Afghanistan in their away tour set to be played in Dehradun from November 5. The tour will see both the sides compete in three T20Is, three ODIs and one Test.



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