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Grasshoppers teach Chinese kids to EAT YOUR GREENS!

Grasshopper breeding farms have turned into a fast-growing economy in China. Grasshopper ‘breeders’ in Pingdingshan, profit from selling grasshoppers in the food industry, footage filmed on Wednesday reveals.

According grasshopper farm owner Canchao Cao, “Haohan Grasshopper Farm can produce 10 tonnes of grasshoppers every year with 21 sheds, covering an area of 20,000 square metres.

“Grasshopper food is popular in the market because of its high protein and low fat,” Cao explains, adding that many restaurants by them “buy dozens of kilograms” and that “demand is basically exceeding supply.”

With the grasshopper breeding business flourishing, farms that breed insects are increasing. More than 1,000 grasshopper farms exist at the moment in China.

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