Chronology of Economic Jihad and Economic Terrorism: Why does it pose grave threat to India? Part II

How do you define Shaheen Bagh anti CAA protest and how has it turned a platform for ECONOMIC JIHAD? When second largest population of the country assemble to create anarchy by blocking a busy road of national capital to throw an open challenge to a democratically passed act in both Loksabha and Rajya Sabha with due debate is called ‘Shaheen Bagh’. What is to be highlighted is that the second largest population, which comprises 20% of populace calls itself MINORITY, although it is not.

After daring to confront the democratically elected government, Shaheen Bagh—which represent 20% population of the country—blatantly calls for their community to financially boycott 80% of majority population is called ECONOMIC JIHAD.

In a viral video, when eminent lawyer, Bhanu Pratap Singh from the podium of Shaheen Bagh asks Muslims to boycott all products of Reliance Industries Limited, including Jio, and petroleum, he doesn’t give empty threat, he reminds 80% of majority that ECONOMIC JIHAD by Muslims has succeeded to cause Hindu Exodus in Kairana.

Hindus were forced to leave Kairana not only because of hooliganism and fear of crime, but also their products and trades were boycotted by Muslims, which were outnumbered. Economic boycott or ECONOMIC JIHAD had almost eaten the source of livelihood collectively for Hindus, who were in minority. At last, they were forced to flee Kairana to search of employment in other parts of the country. In such hard and adverse circumstances, if Hindus do not leave the place, they are forced to convert to Islam.

Bhanu Pratap Singh’s threat for ECONOMIC JIHAD against businesses owned by Hindus also reminded such ECONOMIC JIHAD in Mumbai when a news channel reported that a local mosque had issued a Fatwa to buy and sell products within Muslim community and boycott Hindus products completely during last Ramadan. Hindu traders from the locality, too confirmed, how their sales had dropped then. Muslims draw such strength from their unity.

“How is Iran still thriving even after economic sanctions imposed by United States?” An Islamic scholar, Shaykh Zahid Islami mentioned “communal unity.” Shaykh Zahid Islami told that Muslims pay Zakat, that is 10% of their income. That is how it works for the poor Muslims and economic equality remains in Muslim society.

Muslims, whether they are Shia, Sunni, Wahhabi, Ahmadiyya or they belong to any other category, but the moment they feel there is a treat to Islam, they get united. That is why when Muslim society feel that any law or ideology is contrary to their Quran, they start assembling at one place. Today Muslim society in India is doing exactly the same opposing CAA.

When Omar Khalid threatens Muslims would create Shaheen Bagh in every city in India, when Sharjeel Imam calls for Muslims to cut off Assam from the rest of the country, it means Islamic Jihad has knocked at your door. It is not less than WAKE UP call for majority.

Ethnic cleansing of Hindus in Kashmir during 1990 is live example how slogans were raised from local Mosques either convert to Islam or leave the valley or die. Jihadi like Omar Khalid, Sharjil Imam and traitors like Kanhaiya Kumar and Bhanu Pratap first scare you, then boycott you so that you are forced to submit yourself.

It is high time for Hindus to support each other economically to take care of underprivileged Hindus. If 20% of population can have such strong unity and intention, why can’t we get united to break the back of ECONOMIC JIHAD and ECONOMIC TERRORISM?

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