Chronology of Economic Jihad and Economic Terrorism: Why does it pose grave threat to India?

There are ‘Economic Jihad’ and ‘Economic Terrorism.’ Economic Terrorism is to blast commercial capital of nation to destroy its economy, while ‘Economic Jihad’ is to boycott products manufactured and sold by Hindus.

After poster boy of Shaheen Bagh, Sharjeel Imam confessed to Delhi police, Crime Branch, “India should be an Islamic State. India must run by Sharia Law,” another eminent lawyer Bhanu Pratap Singh from Shaheen Bagh called for “Economic Jihad.”

In a viral video, Bhanu Pratap Singh asks Muslims to boycott all products of Reliance Industries Limited, including Jio, and petroleum. He further spews venom that whatever Baba Ramdev’s company makes in profits, is given to the RSS to ‘buy weapons’ against Muslims.”

Does “Economic Jihad” sound insane to be ignored? It would be foolhardy to disregard the call for “Economic Jihad”. Why? Let’s comprehend the chronology of economic Jihad and how it is related to economic terrorism and why it poses grave security threat to India’s internal security.

Terrorism struck and bled Mumbai, commercial capital of India, on Black Friday of 12 March 1993 targeting its business hubs such as Bombay Stock Exchange, Zaveri Market, the Taj and Oberoi Hotel as well as its tourist destinations. Goal of economic terrorism was to hurt India’s economy as much as they can.

Economic Terrorism not only bombed India’s economic capital to bleed its economy, but it equally struck hard United State’s commercial capital, New York, when two planes crashed into World Trade Centre on 11 September 2001. Intention behind the attack was to destroy US’s economy.

Osama Bin Laden, mastermind of 9/11, had clarified in his several videos that his goal was to end the dominance of America for which he would crush America’s economy. Laden had fought with Russians on behalf of Afghan fighters.

Laden observed how Russia had caught up in Afghan war that weakened its economy resulting in Russia disintegrating into several parts. Even after Osama Bin Laden’s end Al Qaeda, ISIS and other terrorist outfits

Even after bin Laden was killed, Al Qaeda, ISIS and other terrorist organizations have similarly kept America in jeopardy by carrying out small and big attacks. American defense experts also think the same. United States is spreading its dominance in Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries, but at the same time America’s prolonged war in these countries is also hurting their economy.

How is it connected with India? JNU student, Omar Khalid has threatened, Muslims would build more than 100 Shaheen Baghs. Every Shaheen Bagh would call for ‘Economic Jihad’ on the ground. That is how economic terrorism and economic Jihad are connected to each other.

How economic terrorism has taken form of economic Jihad and economic Naxalism? How are they making blue print to defeat India? These would be answered in next part of the article.

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