Thank you Home Minister for sharing the common citizens’ angst and frustration

Amit Shah asked Rahul Kanwal, “What was special on 9 Feb? Was it Republic Day, Independent Day or Foundation Day of JNU?

Rahul Kanwal: Some students had gathered at hanging day of Afzal Guru, the dreaded terrorist.

Amit Shah: Gathering at death anniversary of Afzal Guru is itself treason. It is irrelevant who shouted the slogan or not. Supreme Court pronounced “death sentence” to Afzal Guru for attacking Parliament. Whosoever gathers to commemorate his death anniversary is pure sedition.

Back in Feb 2016, apolitical citizens of India were stunned and shocked to hear slogans—तुम कितने अफ़ज़ल मारोगे, हर घर से अफ़ज़ल निकलेगा, भारत तेरे टुकड़ें होंगे इंशा अल्लाह, इंशा अल्लाह। (How many Afzals would you hang? Afzal would come out from every household. India, you are doomed to be broken into pieces.)—emanating from JNU.

Politically neutral citizens—who may dislike and disagree with government policies, but would never bear to hear anti India slogans—too asked the same question, “Who was Afzal Guru?” A dreaded terrorist, who dared to attack India’s Parliament, which is called temple of democracy.

A common citizen’s common questions were suppressed when political parties began rushing to JNU to show solidarity with those students who glorified Afzal Guru, the ghastly terrorist.

Left leaders Sitaram Yechury, and D Raja, Congress leader, Rahul Gandhi, Ajay Maken and Anand Sharma, and Janata Dal (United) leader KC Tyagi, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal were among those who visited JNU in Feb 2016. These are the leaders, who shouted in unison, that government, specially Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is suppressing institution’s voice and it is anti-national.

Startled India asked, “How can the slogan of भारत की बर्बादी तक जंग रहेगी जारी be voice of a premium institution like JNU? Wasn’t it pure treason against the Indian state? The fact that JNU runs on tax payers’ money infuriated common citizens further. “Why should we pay our hard earned money to JNU leftist students, who plans to destroy India? Asked common people unitedly on social media.

After opposition leaders covered the pure treason by Left students with “Voice of Institution,” so called intellectuals like Barkha Dutt reached JNU to paint those students as poor students, who were crushed when they were exercising their freedom of expression. If likes of Barkha Dutt can present a dreaded terrorist Burhan Wani as “poor headmaster’s son, it is child’s play to paint such seditious students as “poor innocent students.”

Today, when Home Minister, Amit Shah, roared like a true patriot that gathering at death anniversary of Afzal Guru is nothing but treason, he echoed the angst and anguish of a common man, whose national pride had been humiliated when he had helplessly heard slogans of भारत की बर्बादी तक जंग रहेगी जारी, at his own land, but couldn’t do much about it.

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1 Comment

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