With the help of Kerala Police 2 CPI-M women secretly entered Sabarimala Temple

With the help of Kerala Police 2 women who belong to CPI-M have secretly entered Sabarimala Temple

A special permission issued by devasom board with a strong influence to police to provide full support till they come out , they entered through north entrance and came down towards manja Madha place

The two women named Bindhu amani (an advocate) and Kanaga durga entered sabarimala with the help of Police on the North Entrance of Special Devasom Board member entry by today early morning by 3.45AM.

The video clearly shows that these two women entered Sabarimala just for publicity and a try to break Hindu Unity. Sri Ayyappa devotees faith and unity will not get disturbed due to all these cheap activities.

Thantri informed that Sri Ayyappa Sannidhanam to close now since the visit of two women created a sin and this dosham should be cleared with punaskarams as per Hindu tradition. Thantri and swami devotees were too stressed but still the unity will not get disturbed by all these cheap tricks.

Sabarimala nada opened after one hour of Dhosha Nivarthi Pooja to Sri Swami Ayyappan.

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