DMK after 10years of political hibernation, are planning on a big revival – to retum as the ruling party in Tamil Nadu; THIS IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, as people by and large are sceptical about it and all their plans, so far has misfired. Misfired to the extent – their calculations have gone awry and their expected sources of support is weaning away; MK STALIN, the projected CM of the state , can never be that, as he is not that material; his father late MK knew of this and that is why he kept him on the eternal waiting list; as a mayor he failed, as an MLA he failed, as Deputy CM, he failed, and a man who does not even know the difference between Republic day and Independence day, a man afflicted with monumental ego, surrounded by a kitchen cabinet which wants rule the roost – the world at large is watching gone are those days of the supposed disciplined cadre they used to have – today they have only mercenaries and nothing more; however his sister Ms.Kanimozhi is suave, polished and is one who has the traits of her late father – in cunningness and knowing which side of the bread is buttered; less said about the crown Prince – the better.

Now let us look into AIADMK – there can be no doubts that in the absence oflate JJ- a pillar – who achieved more than her mentor the late legend MGR, he has managed to hold the party – proved that he is very wily and street smart; LET US NOT FORGET THE FACT THAT NEITHER EPS OR OPS are handpicked choices of VKS – OPS went on a rampage – his target

was TIVD – one cannot forget the fact that it was TIVD who manhandled OPS[HE WAS THEN CM] , and he lost the script because he did not have the money and had underestimated the guile of VKS – that she went to prison was a blessing to him , and the patch up happened. AIADMK needed and needs BJP and BJP being what it is – saw an opportunity in the situation and used it well; unfortunately the old bandicoots of their party had and have leanings to either of the Dravidian parties and BJP in its political move brought in Murugan, thereby obtaining as many mangoes as possible with a single stone; at was at this juncture that BJP leadership also began to understand that political maneuverers in Tamil Nadu was a different ball game than the rest of India. As a state is filled with Dravidian crap and it was as good or not good shit of Congress – in certain areas it was worse than the masters- the Congress.

In a situation like this , BJP had to move in and set up base – clever moves like the VEL YATHIRAI[which AIADMK scuttled as much as possible], and the entry of K.ANNAMALAI , began to change the narrative – what they lacked in exposure to media in TN[controlled by DMK mostly), they ensured that their national narrative got the attention it needed; I am sure, that if a layman like me can see through the wickedness of AIADMK, the think tank of BJP which has strong built in mechanism would have seen through it and personally speaking to them this election is a sounding board- to make an entry, to cary an impact is far more important than to rule the state. As the Mafia code states – “you either control, and/or control those who control” is the easiest of options and even the greatest of all thinkers stated – keep your enemies closer – is by far the best strategy implemented and is successful so far. Though AIADMK is not averse to back stabbing and to gain political mileage for them alone will indirectly ensure that it will be BJP will carry the can – worked for them so far – this time may be a change of that particular scene. At least, personally I am praying that they are aware of this attitude of AIADMK & have their backs covered. The ground reality this time is different – the welfare schemes of BJP – especially during the pandemic period and after have reached the common man and he is aware that it is BJP – the state only delivered it as it should be done;

Now as to why DMK should never be allowed to raise their heads – is because – they steal anything and everything – if there is money to be made in selling shit – they would ensure it is contracted; industrial growth will be stunted, as no sane industrialist will be willing to part with additional 35% cost at the initial stage; as such the water bodies in TN is missing – next the rivers will go missing anything that moves will be a target; with the law agencies of the state forced to comply the laws will apply only to those who oppose them and not otherwise. The Crown Prince would like to play the role again of the father in a similar situation of STELLA MARIS & WCC [IN] FAMOUS incidents of the past, but people like me remember; media as such is with them and they will underplay the atrocities and overplay – like the SUN TV visuals of late JJ arrest on charges of corruption – they are a unique kind of homo sapiens – “inventors of scientific way of corruption” and all 5 elements will be taken over by them. One can go on and on, but let us break here, for this series will continue till election. This is only a prelude to it and the supposed coalitions are not clear yet; there is certainly going to be surprises, there.



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