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Transformation of AIDMK into a mainstream digital force

AIADMK is bracing up for the upcoming 2021 state elections with tech-savvy promotions and outreach strategies like the BJP. Predominantly Whatsapp and other messaging platforms are targeted by the party’s social media committees who have been precisely deployed keeping the due emphasis on 2021 electoral priorities and thirty individuals per booth have been assigned to push the propaganda digitally. Meanwhile, the Current ruling establishment seems to be unabated despite steady growth in COVID numbers across Chennai and areas near the Chennai vicinity. 

On the other hand, DMK after narrowly missing the 2016 winning prospects due to poor candidate choices and erred strategies have real minister importance of 2021 elections. MK Stalin is seen as the most powerful leader in Tamilnadu after achieving historic accomplishment in 2019 Lok sabha elections winning 38 seats.

But AIADMK remains to be a tough competitor due to the strong grassroots support, democratic leadership, and well-known backing with the center. DMK is solely dependent on I-PAC veteran strategist Prashanth Kishore who lays the complete blueprint of day to day activities for entire DMK which rightfully irk many top rung leaders of the party. DMK in-principle evolved for self-respect and rational beliefs with due significance on state sovereignty. DMK stalwart leader M. Karunanidhi demonstrated to be a realistic leader respecting opinions of cadres, district functionaries, opinion makers, and intellects. But nowadays the projections are turned towards poll strategist PK for DMK.

AIADMK Digital campaign strategy 

Sources indicate that the ADMK Whatsapp groups have now extended to every ward across Tamilnadu and have efficiently finalized this massive effort. It is understood from a credible source that they have strategically consolidated over 22 lakh people across various districts at present. The core strategy team operating in Chennai will assist them with content and outreach to different nodes. It intrinsically helps AIADMK to advance their ideas and narratives reaching through Whatsapp and other messaging platforms effortlessly.

ADMK under the leadership of Formerly chief minister J.Jayalalitha and Dr. M.G.Ramachandran had astonishing cult worship among the party cadres and neutral audiences. People trusted their words without any skepticism. Whereas DMK strengthened its organization infrastructure building narratives on concurrent issues gaining momentum among the public and DMK party top brass leader’s rhetoric ascended them to the astounding altitudes in Tamilnadu and later assume chief minister status.

Transforming from conventional political model to Mainstream analytical methods 

Now political parties have recruited political analytic firms that have the proven track record to conceptualize ideas and formulate strategies like image makeover, perception management, branding, social media outreach, and target segmentation. The political strategy firms determine the candidates to be fielded in elections, what issues for leaders to address in media and mandate the grassroots and district functionaries to execute the task allocated to them
Political leaders like Kamaraj, Karunanidhi, MGR, and J.Jayalalitha in the past clearly had the grasp of ground realities and determined their moves subsequently without engaging consultants. They only needed organizational stability which they successfully carved over the years. At present Bharatiya Janata Party very well understands what connects with people across different territories even in exceedingly unfavorable circumstances. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is seen as an unprecedented leader with skyrocketing popularity. But, insecure regional outfits recently deploying the strategist team for whopping remuneration to achieve desired outcomes transpire conventional political notions to neo-generation prototypes in contemporary times.

About the author:

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About the author: Electrical Engineer with a deep passion for AI & deep learning. Also, an avid writer who likes to research & write about Geopolitics of US & China. Passionate about free markets & foreign trade. Get to know more about me on Twitter @anandaragavan



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