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The Girl and the Boy

Once upon a time there lived a girl in New Zealand, she was plucking roses for her grandma because her grandma was sick then a beggar came, he was a little boy. Then the beggar asked the girl who she was. She told her name and little boy said, “Will u give me some money please?” Sure, why not, she said and gave him five rupees and asked, “Why don’t u come to my grandmother’s house?”

The beggar said I have no family; will u be my family. Of course, yes, the girl replied. In my family there is my mother and my grandma. My father is with God. Then the little boy answered let’s go to your grandmother’s house.

Then they go and when they reach the house, the boy said he was hungry, and the girl gave him some peanuts which were left in the house. Then the girl took the boy to her mother and told, I made a new friend. Her mother said yuck and scolds her as the boy’s clothes were torn. Then the girl became very sad as she asked her new friend to go. 

She went to her room and cried very much. Then the next day she went down to play with the little boy whom she had sent out. Then her mother came down too and scolded, “why are u playing with him again?” I told not to play with him. Then she told that the little boy has no family, you don’t realize… then her mother realizes her mistake, she bends down and touched the little boy’s feet and said, Sorry. The little boy said its ok and said its not really a mistake.

The end. 

Moral: We should not say Eew bad clothes to anybody.

About the author

The Girl and the Boy

Medha Banthia.

She is 6 years old and will be joining Class 1 at Hiranandani Foundation School. She previously attended Garodia’s Academy. A happy go lucky girl with immense love for her family. Medha is fond of art and dancing. She is good at gymnastics and enjoys swimming. This is her first attempt at writing a story.

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