Spreading lies and falsehood to protect anti nationals, is this the tag line of NDTV?

Can “freedom of speech” be used as a tool to carry out a malicious propaganda to defame and vilify the government by a news channel? Can “freedom of speech” be used as weapon to create Hinduphobia, hatred against Hindus, who have been persecuted since thousand years? How does a common citizen feel, when he witnesses a news channel using “freedom of speech” as a weapon to blatantly support anti national elements to destabilise the country?

Here is NDTV, New Delhi Television, which offers people of India everything but journalism regarded as fourth pillar of democracy. NDTV is classic example of being a tool to demonise India and Hindus, who have been persecuted by Islamists since 1000 years continuously.

To whitewash aggression which turned into riot by Islamists in North East Delhi, NDTV blamed BJP leader, Kapil Mishra, for triggering the violence. However, NDTV was caught clueless when a question—how come words of Kapil Mishra piled up huge stock of arms such as petrol bombs, thousands liters of acid, truck loads of stones, bricks and sticks at homes of Islamists like Tahir Hussain within no time—was asked.

To protect Islamists like Sharjeel Imam, Waris Pathan and Umar Khalid, who asked people to take to the streets while President Donald Trump, NDTV pulled out all the stops to prosecute Kapil Mishra via its own media trial. On 6 March, NDTV published a video wherein one of its lie-peddling anchors, Srinivasan Jain, is seen talking to a man whom he called Kapil Mishra’s landlord.

In the video, the man whom Srinivasan Jain is questioning is Sanjay Gupta—whom NDTV calls the landlord of Kapil Mishra—said, “violence started after Kapil Mishra’s speech. After watching the propaganda, full of lies to target him by NDTV, Mishra claimed Sanjay Gupta was never his landlord. Kapil Mishra tweeted the same statement on twitter. He further explained that NDTV picked up some random person from the streets to claim him as Mishra’s landlord. Here, the question arises, up to what extent NDTV can stoop so low in the name of exercising freedom of speech?

Earlier, NDTV editor and anchor Ravish Kumar, was grossly found spreading propaganda, when he projected an Anurag Mishra as Muhammad Shahrukh, who pointed gun at police on 24 Feb, during riots in Delhi. He almost ruined life of poor Anurag Mishra, who is now being harassed. Such propaganda full of lies and falsehood by NDTV is endless.

Indeed, a common citizen feels helpless, when he watches a news channel to use “freedom of speech” as a weapon to support anti national elements in order to destabilise the country. How long can the government allow such mouthpiece of anti nationals to function to destabilise the country? When would the government take action against them?

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