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Reserve Bank of Kailasa, Kailashian Dollar: All you need to know about Nithyananda’s ‘central bank and currency’

Godman Nithyananda, who was arrested for rape charges and for kidnapping children, chose the ‘auspicious’ occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi to release the currencies, economic policies and strategies of ‘The Reserve Bank of Kailasa’ via YouTube on August 22.

Kailasa is the ‘Hindu sovereign nation’ founded by the self-proclaimed godman, and the new currency introduced in this world is called ‘Kailashian dollar’, an offering to be given to Lord Ganesh during a puja.

Here’s all you need to know about Kailasa, The Reserve bank of Kailasa and the new currency:

What is Kailasa?

The official website states that Kailasa is “nation without borders created by dispossessed Hindus from around the world who lost the right to practice Hinduism authentically in their own countries”. Some news reports claim that Kailasa is an actual place with physical boundaries.

The ‘nation’ has its own flag and passport. Nityananda is the ‘Supreme Pontiff’ of Kailasa, and one can become a citizen by being a “practising Hindu” or “Hindu who would like to deepen their practice”.

The website also adds that Kailasa offers a “safe haven to all the world’s practising, aspiring or persecuted Hindus…where they can peacefully live and express their spirituality, arts, and culture free from denigration, interference and violence”.

What is the Reserve Bank of Kailasa?

The central bank was launched by Nityananda and would “very soon” be functioning in Kailasa, the godman said in the YouTube video. The governing body of this institution will include a governor and directors from Kailasa’s Sanyasis.

A press release uploaded on Kailasa’s website claims that the bank is a “legitimately incorporated body”. The statement also adds that a ‘team of monastic members’ at Kailasa poured over “100 books” and “360 articles and research papers” on “Hindu economics policy” while developing the economic policy and currencies.

“Kailasa today is honoured to be presenting the currencies inspired purely from the currencies and policies of the ancient 56 Hindu nations which were Hindu nations in the past,” the statement read.

These ancient 56 nations – Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Nepal etc – are supposedly the ‘most favoured for bilateral and trade relations” with Kailasa.

He has also drafted a 300-page economic policy, which lays down the nation’s economic functions and strategies.

What is Kailasa’s new currency?

Called ‘Kailashian Dollars’ the new currency will be available in at least eight different denominations, says Nithyananda. It will range from one Kailashian dollar, one-fourth Kailashian dollar, half Kailashian dollar, three-fourth Kailashian dollar till ten Kailashian dollars. The coins were created based on various designs inspired by the currency used in the “the ancient 56 Hindu nations”.

What is the controversy surrounding Nithyananda?

Nityananda has been charged with rape and also accused of kidnapping children in his Ahmedabad ashram. In 2010, a video of the godman, who claims he is impotent, was in the news as he was found engaging in sexual acts with a female Tamil star. He denied the allegation and said he was practising a yoga asana.

A case was filed against him in Bengaluru and he was released on bail soon after. Another sexual abuse claim by a US-based woman surfaced two years after, wherein she was abused by him for five years.

He has also been accused of kidnapping and detaining children in his Ahemdabad ashram.

Nityananda managed to flee the country, escaping over 50 court hearings, according to the Gujarat police.



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