Post flood health challenges

The problems related to health start mostly after the floods recedes.
It could cause epidemic out break of cholera/ADD,leptospirosis,flu,pneumonia,malaria,dengue (after a month)
I have suggested a few important informations for the agencies to consider as I have handled at least 7 floods in the highly populated Chennai city and the disasters of Gujarat earth quake,Tsunami and major out breaks of Cholera,leptospirosis,Chikungunya and dengue as a Public Health Expert.
Lots of trained counsellors are required to give counseling to the affected people on mental support,care,and reassurance. Though the people of Kerala esp.women are mentally strong the natural calamity and loss of basic assets would have caused depression. Make them understand that they could build it in no time with the people and
2.Drinking water:
Roll boiling of water is now difficult. Adding Chlorine tablets to drinking water will remove the germs.mineral water could help the situations.
water borne diseases are cholera,diarrhoea,typhoid,hepatitis A&E,Leptospirosis,severe helminthic infections and polio. oral cholera vaccine,typhoid vaccine,DOXY prophylaxis for cholera and lepto are ideal to prevent illnesses.

3.Skin infections:
intertrigo,fungal infections are common.
houses/environment-cleaning by bleaching powder,phenyle in plenty,
zinc,benzyl benzoate,miconozole oinments vasline creams,oral vit D,B will be good apart from personal hygiene.
soaps for bathing and washing.
cotton clothes to wear.
4.Rodents & vectors
snake bites: anti venom should be in all PHCS,mobile clinics apart from hospitals.Staff well trained in anti venom administration.
anti fly,anti mosquito operations regular for the next 3 months.
fogging the bushes and streets with pyrethrum extracts ,phenyle spray along with bleaching powder sprinkling are essential.
5.Food safety
common eateries to keep standards,hot & freshly prepared food,hot water,fly free.
doxy-cholera,leptospirosos,ORS pkts
chlorination:home-Chlorine tablets,public-5%bleaching powder
Post flood health challenges.6
eye infections,pneumonia,flu:
frequent hand washing,clean FOLs,personal hygiene is the prevention.
vaccinations for pneumonia,flu -prophylaxis
appropriate treatment by family physician for illnesses is safe.
too many agencies pouring different drugs is unsafe.
always work with the existing health system esp.field level health workers as the Primary Health Care System in KERALA is strong like TAMILNADU


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