Pandemic Accelerating Edge Computing

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During this pandemic, it is well established that offices, schools, and entertainment are on the web. Remote working and cloud adoption have become the new norm for all industries across the planet, as a standard for business continuity. Resulting in, existing networking infrastructures ability to handle the sudden surge on bandwidth being put to the stress test. In other word, this pandemic is accelerating the need for edge computing.

What’s Edge Computing?

Traditional cloud computing networks are centralized, with data being collected on the outer network edges and transmitted back to the main servers for processing. Most of the devices positioned near the edge, lack computational power and storage capacity. On the contrary, edge computing preserves bandwidth and increases efficiency by relocating more processing functions closer to the users or devices at the edge of the network.

This will have a very high impact on the IT ecosystem and having special functions in spurring vital changes to the existing cloud network architectures. Several firms are discovering that they don’t need expensive office building, while employees got a taste of the flexibility and freedom from working remote. That’s why edge computing may be more important than ever going forward.

Benefits of Edge Computing:

High Speed- For many industries like financial or healthcare sector, speed is critical to their core business. The most vital benefit of edge computing is its ability to increase network performance speeds by lowering latency,  as IOT edge computing devices would be used to process data locally or near the edge.

Enhanced Security– As edge computing technology involves distributing processing, storage, and applications across a wide range of data centers and IOT devices, making it difficult for any single disruption to take down the network system. Also they provide additional securtity measures to guard against DDoS attacks and other cyberthreats.

Highly Scalable – It offers a less expensive route to scalability, allowing firms to increase their computing capacity through a blend of IoT devices and data centers. Thereby reducing  growing costs as each new device added doesn’t enforce considerable bandwidth damands on the core of a network.

Stability – With more edge computing devices and data centers connected with complete edge architecture to the network, it becomes difficult for any single failure to shut down service entirely, therefore delivering unparalleled reliability.

Though there are substantial security advantages to edge computing, a poorly implemented system could leave itself vulnerable. As we know edge computing depends upon smaller data centers and IoT edge devices, this presents a different range of security concerns.  So, companies looking at edge computing solutions needs to take this consideration seriously.

As edge computing continues to gain momentum during post pandemic era, companies are beginning to appreciate its potential impact. Shifting processing to the edge of the network can help enterprises to take advantage of the increasing number of IoT edge devices, improve network speeds, and enhance customer experience. Finally, it is very clear that the future of work has changed, which will mean all businesses must implement up-to-date edge computing.


Manickavel Muthusamy                                                

Entrepreneur, Co-Founder & CEO

Expert Solution Technologies Canada Inc.

Toronto, Canada

Tweet- @manicktweet 



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