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If we are to know whom we are, how was this country, why are we like this, there are 2 greats that one must know and understand India from their eyes. We must not be seeing India from the eyes of Max Muller or Lenin or Macaulay but rather through the eyes of Swami Vivekananda and Tamil National poet Mahakavi Bharathiyar. In this read, I quote Swamiji’s references on being Hindu from the book “Rousing call to Hindu Nation” which is a compilation of speeches of Swamiji by Ekanath Ranade, the architect behind Vivekananda Rock Memorial.

First let’s look at Swami Vivekananda’s explanation of who actually is a Hindu as defined below:


Swamiji intent of Hindu is clearly explained. By mentioning the word Hindus, Swamiji didn’t bring them under a religious categorization but identified Hindus geographically and even more so as how it depends on the people to identify themselves as Hindus by their actions. Hindus now for some reason doesn’t feel the pride. People immediately get offended when I proclaim myself as a Hindu. The reason being how this Indian intellectual mind via their education has been prepared to make sure they feel ashamed if the word Hindu is uttered. Swamiji tells the education that is given to Indians has made them lifeless and boneless. In his words:

Having received such an education, we end up ridiculing our forefathers and ancestors and think west is the best. Yes, the west is best. But Swamiji says – “Learn but do not imitate slavishly”.

Swamiji also told – Let Noble thoughts come to us from every side. But he categorically declined people undermining their own forefathers. Here in his own words:

These same thoughts of Swamiji was equally conceived by the great poet Bharathiyar. He defined this country as Hindustan which needs to be worshipped like god. In his own words


“சேதமில்லாத ஹிந்துஸ்தானம் அதனைத் தெய்வமென்று கும்பிடடி பாப்பா

He also added Bharat is an old country and we are its kids and must not be forgotten. Somehow Bharathi knew that the future kids of this country will start forgetting the worthiness of this great country. In his own words:

“பாரத பூமி பழம் பெரும் பூமி, நீரதன் புதல்வர் இந்நினைவகற்றாதீர்!”

Bharathiyar just like Swamiji also felt the reason of this country not realizing its worth is because of English Education. In his words which translates at a high level is as follows:

Indians will not know these people if they go to English school and receive their education: Kamban who wrote Ramayana in Tamil, Kalidasa, Astronomer Baskara, Sanskrit Grammar author Panini, Adi Sankara, Author of Tamil Poem Silapadigaram Elangovadigal, Tiruvalluvar, the Great Kings Pandiya and Cholas, Veer Shivaji.

He added that his father had to spend thousands but for him, it was harmful. The poem below:

Both, Swamiji and Bharathiyar were in fact Prophets. They clearly understood the Tamas of Hindu Society, how that will affect the country in future and they have laid out the reasons, long long ago. Now that we cannot change the education, let us change ourselves and be a Proud Hindu. Swamiji called himself a proud Hindu. Are we being proud is the imminent question?


Thus Spake Swamiji

“Pride in being a Hindu – When a man has begun to be ashamed of his ancestors, the end has come. Here am I, one of the least of the Hindu race, yet proud of my race, proud of my ancestors. I am proud to call myself a Hindu, I am proud that I am one of your unworthy servants. I am proud that I am a countryman of yours, you the descendants of the sages, you the descendants of the most glorious Rishis the world ever saw.”

So, a question arises. What if we have a don’t care attitude of not knowing or realizing one’s own self? What if we aren’t proud of our Hindu ancestors? What if I don’t care in knowing Swamiji and Bharathiyar? So many What Ifs…. Here again, the solution for this What If is given by Swamiji. He says just like an individual who will cease to exist, so would a nation. Without preserving a national idea, no nation can survive. To Quote:

For not being proud of this great Punya Bhoomi Bharat, not being proud of our ancestor, not being proud in calling ourselves as Hindus, it’s all nothing but Tamas in all of us that has set in with years together of ruining education.  We need to do our Swadharma to uphold and save this great Hindu Dharma else we would cease to exist.

In Essence, remember this from Bhagavat Gita:

क्लैब्यं मा स्म गम: – Yield not to unmanliness, O Partha

तस्मात्वमुत्तिष्ठ यशो लभस्व –

“Therefore, do thou arise and acquire fame”

“Do we want to feel proud or cease to exist will be the choice in front of us”

— Jai Hind

Author : Vishwasundar Sharma, can be reached out on his twitter handle @GarvHinduAR

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