#Namo – there is big and huge difference between being a head of a state and being the head of a nation; head of state has the option of being different form the actions and thoughts of the #PMO; but the #PM and the #PMO cannot ignore the state[s]; i am sure all of us understand that; having said that – the following are my observations of the #PMO and the #PM and these are by and large is my personal take – [anyone differs with my thought process can keep it to themselves]; i am going to take the liberty of making my observations at 3 levels:

 #HEADOFSTATE:- he was dead against of the use of Article 365 of the Constitution and if anyone expects him to use it – you can bet yourself it will not happen – because he is clear on it and so is the #APEX in this issue; so anyone disgruntled on this issue needs to change their mind set; secondly #sedition is a dangerous allegation – when used the concerned I.O. must be strong – from the First Information Report to Final Report and must have the courage it to carry it through to the court’s – recent uproar on the supposed teenage girl who is out, On bail by the orders of the Apex – simply because the final report [popularly known as charge sheet] was not filed on time as stipulated under law [Code of Criminal Procedure]; this can happen to anyone anytime – so stop cribbing – i find the role of#Twitterati in multiple Roles – and mostly jack of all trades and…. having said that – it must be understood that both M/s. Amit Shah and Narendra Modi have undergone these trials and tribulations and they understand the lacunae [if someone is under the impression they are not working on it ;

 Remember they are not working at your speed – they have a nation to consider whereas we think only to our limited perceptions and that is the problem; having laid the ground rules – here is more divided into 2 parts – #Namo_1 and #Namo_2 – during the first tenure the nations image was at its lowest ebb – so much stories of corruption and we were really the laughing stock of the world – that perception had to be changed and the world body is more complicated then Indian politics – balancing being the need the thoughts and process and implementation. Of the thought process is highly a dicey issue – to carry both the Arabs and the Israelis to a common point, in the interests of India alone is very dicey; similarly the 2 warlords – U.S. their economy is based on war – let us not fool ourselves otherwise and so are Russia and China and now North Korea as well. To achieve all these crap of previous external affairs mess had to be undone and new policy brought in – personally i am surprised to see the change in as short span of 5 years – undoing the shit of 60 years and to ensure that the new policies are here to stay – it is great and remarkable achievement, indeed; i am not stating that all is well – but we are better off now than before; let us not forget the fact that powerful players of misinformation , the political players both in India and overseas, did not want a strong India – they wanted Indian soil to be kept simmering – otherwise they lose their importance – this is hard truth – so the head has to balance his act to upset the applecart of those against and it has to be subtle and finish line should favour him;

 During the 2nd run focus on issues of the nation , internally – whether it be J&K [it is to me always JAMMU & KASHMIR and not Kashmir], Ram Janmabhoomi or 3T, among other issues – was done – the results will take time – certainly they will for even our Judiciary had lost its Sheen and their interference into the executive. let us understand one truth – the system is infested with #luteyns – you name the department and there is more than one informer – our service rules are such they cannot be done away with one stroke of a pen – [if someone is going to quote late JJ and what she did in her period – is too small an issue and it cannot be compared]; the process is going on and that also needs time; having said all these – #Hindus – please do not make me laugh – the truth is we are not united as the peaceful and/or, White robes and that is their advantage – they control or control those in control media in all forms, various industries/ financial institutions, in short where Hindus are in great shortfall. Anyone thinks otherwise – just take a walk – these are not what i wish to state – Hard facts and bitter they may be – we must accept it. Anyone thinking otherwise -i simply cite an example of recent times – #JamaliaTableeq, slowly but without fail one by one the charge sheets being filed and for the first time I see the charge sheets are also held valid by courts – small strides but these matter – let us remember yet again – the present leadership is rewriting India and that cannot happen overnight – comparing Namo to a Lion – let us not forget the Lion hunts only when it is hungry and not when you and me want it to hunt.

Having stated all these – the very fact of abrogation of Article.370, demonetisation, GST , focus on agriculture[like the pharma lobby the agri lobby too is too strong across the globe, we are heading in the right direction; indeed to the surprise of many this man starts with himself – before he suggests it to others; one thing we need to understand is as Chief Minister of a State he had opposed the imposition of President’s rule in the states and let is raise a hue and cry that he is not acting – like mentioned earlier – he is not here to act on our fancies and whims – but it is in the larger interest of the nation.

On the one hand he and his team have successfully neutralised Pakistan, on the other hand, what China never expected – is a forceful India and/or a powerful Indian leader – the rebound has larger implications and if we expect a ‘white paper’ we are more naïve than Rahul Gandhi.

As stated in the Bhagwat Gita – #Karma is of 3 kinds – “Yogically, there are three types of karma. The word karma refers to results of past actions, present actions, and actions we will perform in the future”. As a KARMA YOGI, himself, he himself practises, beginning with:-

The Great Law or

The Law of Cause & Effect. As you sow, so shall you reap? …

The Law of Creation.

 Life requires our participation to happen. …

The Law of Humility. One must accept something in order to change it. …

The Law of Growth. …

The Law of Responsibility. …

The Law of Connection. …

The Law of Focus. …

The Law of Giving & Hospitality, and so on.

It is a very difficult phase, economically and politically that #Narendra Modi took over the reins of the nation, and it is not fluke that he got a second term, and it is necessity that there will be a third term , too.

One can keep writing about this great nationalist, but suffice to say that he has managed to pull this great nation out of darkness and the light at the end of tunnel is no longer an illusion, but stark reality of History and no political history can be written without ubiquitous to this great leader #NARENDRA_MODI.

The author – Swaminatha Sharma, is not a member of BJP, but is a nationalist and a keen student of political analysis and has been observing the rise of Narendra Modi from a mere sevak to an MLA to CM to PM.




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