Majestic sport – Mallakhamb

Mallakhamb is an ancient traditional Indian sport. ‘Malla’ means gymnast, and ‘khamb’ means pole. Thus, the name ‘Mallakhamb’ stands for ‘a gymnast’s pole’. The origin of Mallakhamb can be traced to the 12th century, where it is mentioned  a classic by Chalukya in 1135 A.D. For seven centuries, the art lay dormant, till it was revived by Balambhatta Dada Deodhar, the sports and fitness instructor to Peshwa Bajirao II. Peshwa Bajirao II reigned during the first half of the 19th century. 

Now it is popular in over 26 states in the country. From 1961 to 1976 Gymnastics Federation of India conducted the National Mallakhamb Championships along with Gymnastics.

At present, the following forms of Mallakhamb are prevalent:

Fixed Mallakhamb – fixed on the ground

In this, a vertical wooden pole is fixed in the ground. The wood used is usually teakwood or sheeshum, preferred because of its twin characteristics of toughness and smoothness. The pole stands 225 cm above ground level. It has a circumference of 55 cm at its lower end, 45 cm in the middle, and 30 cm at the upper end. The height of the neck is 20 cm, and its circumference is 15 cm, and radius of the upper knobe is 13 cm.

Hanging Mallakhamb

A smaller version of the fixed Mallakhamb, it is suspended with the aid of hooks and chains. The swinging and revolving motion of this type of Mallakhamb renders the exercises quite difficult and exacting.

Rope Mallakhamb

Here, a cotton rope which is 2.5 cm thick, replaces the wooden pole. The performers are expected to strike various yogic poses, without knotting the rope in any way.

Mallakhamb exercises make the body light and strong. These exercises are most beneficial for the stomach, back, arms and thighs, and have been found useful to achieve efficiency in a number of other games and sports like gymnastics and wrestling. The Mallakhamb sport affects the spinal cord most, which develops energy and increases longevity, and is the only exercise in which all big and small organs of the body are active.

Top players 

Some of the top players of Mallakhamb are Himani Parab and Pratiksha More in the womens’ category and Deepak Shinde and Sagar Ovhalkar in the men’s category. They competed in the World Mallakhamb Championship held in Mumbai, recently.

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