Are they anti CAA protesters or pack of wolves, in the form of Burqa clad women with their men, who are running to catch their preys, Delhi Police?

A latest video—in which hundreds of Burqa clad women with their men are mercilessly attacking Delhi Police officers with stones and stick on roads of North East Delhi—has surfaced.

Are the murderous mob anti CAA protestors? Have you seen a huge pack of predator wolves mercilessly sprinting towards their preys, deer or goats in lawless jungle?

Look at the violent mob of hundreds of Burqa clad women with their men, who are surging towards cops, brutally pelting stones at them, as if pack of predator wolves are mercilessly running to catch their preys. Poor policemen are as helpless as the sheep and goats shielding themselves from predator mobs. Suddenly, the mob shouted ARE DEKHO POLICEWALA PAKAD LIYE (Look, we caught a cop.) Then, they lynched 42 years old Head Constable of Delhi Police, Rattan Lal, who also received bullet injuries and injured DCP Shahdara IPS Amit Sharma.

Promising ultimate victory over the Jews, Yasser Arafat, the founder of the Palestine Liberation Movement (PLO), had once said, “the womb of the Arab woman is my strongest weapon, which he could use to create Palestine state by increasing population into the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. In India, was the womb of a Muslim woman used as a tool to multiply their population (via many babies), which, would turn, one day, into a violent mob to target authority and security personnel?

Pooja Sharma, the wife of injured Delhi cop DCP Amit Sharma on Thursday said, “My husband had gone to have a dialogue with the protesters. It was a group of women, who took off his helmet and then the mob attacked him.” DCP Amit Sharma and Delhi police officer ACP Anuj Sharma, both were attacked and injured by Islamist mob led by Burqa clad women, on February 24.

It is anger, betrayal and helplessness among common citizens, when India is fighting a massive Islamist onslaught singlehandedly. The Islamist mob can lynch policemen in broad day light with complete impunity. Who sent the sheep to wolves baying for blood, that too without shooting orders? Can’t a violent Burqa clad female be shot by a gun held by policeman? Doesn’t Extreme Situations Call for Extreme Measures?

Muslims demanded a nation for Islam in 1947. However, a good percentage remained in India even after voting for Pakistan. Next, didn’t they use their wombs to multiply themselves so that they can wage war against India? Are they creating Palestine like situation within India?

Our government gave them freedom from bane of Triple Talaq and India got violence in return. Today, India is asking, “Is this why India allowed Muslims to remain in India in 1947 so that they attack on us and our policemen?

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