How can Muslims—who threaten to dominate and eliminate majority in 15 minutes—be unsafe and scared in India? Is it right to call them poor minority, when they are second largest intimidating population?

A vilified campaign—like INTOLERANCE and Award WAAPASI that Muslims are not safe in India—have been carried out against our country since 2015. Agenda of such vicious campaign was to defame the country on international platform that Hindus have become intolerant. Is this the reality?

Meet AIMIM leader, Waris Pathan, who said, “They tell us that we’ve kept our women in the front, only the lionesses have come out, and you are already sweating. You can understand what would happen if all of us come together. We are 15 crore Muslims, but would dominate 100 crore Hindus.” He allegedly made these comments while addressing an “anti-Citizenship Amendment Act rally” in Kalaburagi in north Karnataka on February 16.

This is not the first time Muslims in India openly threatened majority. Akbaruddin Owaisi, brother of MIM MP Asaduddin Owaisi, blatantly threatened, “Remove police for 15 mins, We will finish off 100 crore Hindus, at Adilabad on 24 December 2012.”

Waris Pathan and Akbaruddin Owaisi are no wrong, when they display their guts at public platform to eliminate Hindus. Likes of Pathan and Owaisi are also aware that left liberal eco system in India would cover up their hate statements against Hindus as freedom of speech. Also, their words are not hollow warnings against majority, but they do execute their threat into action.

Handful of Muslims—as many as seven of them as mentioned with Yakub Pataliya, one of the most wanted accused
in police charge sheet—burnt more than 60 Hindus alive when they poured eight jerrycans of petrol on the floor of the S-6 compartment of the Sabarmati Express on 27 February 2002, a little outside the Godhra station in Gujrat. Thereafter, riot engulfed in Gujrat for next three days, which is known as “2002 Gujarat riots.” Since then, Left liberal media has been demonising Narendra Modi, the then chief minister of Gujarat, but they never questioned burning of “Sabarmati Express.”

In January 1990, Mosques in Kashmir broadcasted “convert to Islam, leave the place or perish.” Tens of thousands of Kashmiri Muslims poured into the streets of the Valley, shouting  ‘death to India’ and death to Kafirs. Next, they butchered Kashmiri Hindus, brutally raped and killed their women and children, looted their properties and threw the few survivors out of the valley. Majority at the rest of the country watched the horror as mute spectators. Even after 30 years, today Kashmiri Hindus are living like refugees at their own land land. Nevertheless, secularism, democracy and freedom of speech didn’t come in danger zone.

Persecution of Hindus have continued since thousands years when Islamic invaders attacked our land, destroyed our temples and heritage, and brutalised our people. Even after independence, Kashmiri Hindus were slaughtered, Hindus in Sabarmati express were burnt alive. Hindus were thrown out of Kairana. Such persecution stories of Hindus are uncountable, so called then secular government covertly covertly supported and pampered Muslims like pre mature baby. Poor Hindus, who believe to live a disciplined life, have been suffering persecution even after independence.

Have you ever heard ‘minority in any country on the earth’ not only brazenly threatening to eliminate majority at public platform, but also persecuting majority? It happens only in India because secular government was in hand in glove with Muslims in order to appease them.

Today, every Indian must ask a question, “How can Muslims—who threaten to dominate and eliminate majority in 15 minutes—be unsafe and scared in India? Is it right to call them poor minority, when they are second larger intimidating population?

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