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Demonetisation was a grand success!

In support of demonetisation this one is conclusive;

  1. Quantum increase – no space – If the naysayers can come forward with ONE reason other than ladyluck for the quantum. Increase in revenue and compliance, i am waiting. If the increase is 16% all these years kindly let know the number of assessees in 1991.
  2. Instead of demonit write demonetization. – I request them to approach real estate brokers to know what caused the realty value reduction?
  1. Arvind Subramaniam , the ex-CEA has wondered as to why the money circulation and GDP did not crash after demonit. Unlike most of us he is an economist. But is it not his duty to come out with a valid explanation? OK, let the naysayers explain as to why despite even after withdrawal of 86% of HDN the economy and GDP did not crash? That will be an Eye-opener even for Adam Smith.
  1. This is long shot 1. The terrorists attacks and stone pelting by Pakistani coolies has almost stopped. Let the naysayers explain the reason apart from Ajit Doval.
  1.  Instead of demonit write demonetization. – This is long shot 2. Let the relentless naysayers explain why the Pakistan economy keeps dipping continuously ever since demonit.
  1. This is long shot 3. Why Nepal should withdraw use of Indian currency ?
  1. close the bracket – This is longshot 4. The naysayers could come out with a plausible explanation as to how crores of rupees in old currency is still unearthed despite the fact that govt had said that 99.3% has been received. ( Chennai catch alone is approx 2000 crores of half-destroyed notes.
  1. I am tired of this one – why Recount of Montecarlo (PC) keeps taunting the govt and RBI to come out with info.

As a tribute to Rahul – i miss one question.

  1. Can the naysayers explain the quantum leap in electronic transaction (This is point 5b of the White paper submitted by Pranabda in 2012)

The opposition to demonetization can at best be political and ideological. But, in terms of economic compliance it hit the bulls eye.

To hold demonetization as solely responsible for slower growth is naivete. The inflation battle waged by RBI through this govt’s term just did not extend it the profligacy UPA 1&2 enjoyed till 2013. The liquidity in the system was never sloshing around for Modi to show matching or better growth. His crime is he chose to accept the reality of RBI controlling growth through Policy. So, the blame that his govt destroyed RBI independence is the perfect example of cruel irony.

Demonitisation was a grand success and let us see who the main opponents of DeMo are;

  1. The criminals who print counterfeit currency and distribute it.
  1. Tax evaders (note hoarders). Several politicians & corrupt officials, businessmen, included in this.
  1. NGOs, mainly religious NGOs controlled by Xtians, which were stashing cash and using it for conversion purpose got badly hit.
  1. Anti Indian elements from Pakistan and China. Pak economy thrived mainly upon the Indian currency notes. Today solid proof of the collapse of Pak economy is for all to see.

Hence, those who oppose DeMo belong to one or more of the category as mentioned in points above…. Anti-Indian and Anti-Hindu elements. Other opposers, mainly normal lay persons, are pure filtered Morons who cannot see & are very poor at deciphering these simple signs and rely purely on what the criminals & tax evading anti-Hindu Anti-Indians tell them to believe.

Author – “One of the best short articles circulating in WhatsApp”





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