Bahrain: BKS Vanitha Vedhi celebrating Women with Talent – Cercasix Angana Sree ’19

Bahrain Keraleeya samajam Vanitha Vedhi is conducting a talent scan called “Cercasix Angana Sree ’19” for married ladies on the Island. The program aims to provide encouragement to the ladies who are tied up with family responsibilities and chores and are missing the opportunity to showcase their talents or hiding it because of lack of encouragement.


BKS Vanitha Vedhi plays a major role in the Samajam activities namely but not limited to coordinating Seminars, Classes, Cultural Programs etc focused on Ladies. Many of their activities are not only for samajam members, but also for the non-members. Other than that, they are doing significant charity work through moral and financial support.

Mrs.Mohini Thomas
President BKS Vanitha Vedhi

BKS Vanitha Vedhi President Mrs Mohini Thomas says “that a vibrant lady can built energetic atmosphere in the house and the society. For that they need self-confidence. That’s why we planned this Angana Sree concept. BKS executive committee rescheduled many of the Club Activities for letting us to schedule this one-month event. My Vanitha Vedhi committee members dedication and systematic hard work in front and back of the program is the core part of its success. Everyone knows the phrase behind every successful man is a strong woman. But in my view behind every successful Lady is her family.”

Mrs.Rejitha Ani
Secretary BKS Vanitha Vedhi

BKS Vanitha Vedhi secretary Rejitha Ani iterated that all participants of the Cercasix Angana Sree ’19 event has very high caliber and is working very hard to make a mark in the competition. Currently it is very difficult to judge or predict who will be the winner.

Mrs.Sajana Noushad
Sports Secretary BKS Vanitha Vedhi

Cercasix Angana Sree ’19 participants have to go through 9 challenges to come out on top including Cooking Competition, Light Music / Folk Dance, Mirror Act, Mono Act, General Knowledge, Group Round with Family and Friends, Traditional Costume Round and Interactive Round. Audience voting is also contributing to the points for the Angana Sree. The results of each competition is stored in sealed envelops and no one will have any idea what the final results will be until on the last day when the numbers will be tallied up.

Feb 7th will be the Finale of this year’s Vanitha Vedhi Committee and of Cercasix Angane Sree ’19. Malayalam Cine artist Nimisha Sanjay (Thondimuthalum Driksaksashiyum, Oru Kuprasintha Payan) is scheduled to be the chief guest for the big day.

International News Desk, Bahrain

Mr.Sisel Panayil Soman, COO – Middle East


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