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BJP in Tamil Nadu is heading for better days, under the leadership of K Annamalai

BJP in Tamil Nadu existed in paper for a long and a very longtime and it began finding its feet – to begin with crawl like any baby would do so with the opening of SM – very actively from 2019 onwards – surprisingly most of the RW supporters in SM were and most of them even today are not even Primary members of the Party, till date; either they have been drawn in the charisma of Narendra Damodardoss Modi [NAMO in short], and more important they wanted unity among Hindus against the onslaught of the Dravidian party DMK and AIADMK was not much different – while DMK identified itself as anti – Hindu , AIADMK played the silent villain, even though the founder late MGR [a phenomenon even today and none can even near that kind of worship he rates even today – not even late JJ could overcome that factor] – I am saying this deliberately and intentionally as I see some comparing MGR with Annamalai, IPS[VR], which even he may not relish as the party BJP is attempting to break shackles.

The Dravidian parties were using the Brahmin bashing card [which is their ultimate weapon when everything fails – this from EVR to CA to MK to its present leadership], against BJP especially in Tamil Nadu; that broke a chain [link in the chain] when the present MoS Shri.Murugan took over the reins of the party in TN: the first chink in the armor of DMK was that – they were still not able to break the image of being an Hindu/Hindi Party; Shri. Annamalai took over from Shri. Murugan and a lot of youngsters found it easier to identify themselves with this new appointed Chief of BJP-TN; one more link in the chain of DMK broke loose – and the fun began;

To begin with he was clear on his thought pattern – that the narratives of the deep rooted evil of the Dravidians, spearheaded by DMK must be met on its terms – and instead of allowing them to create the narrative [AIADMK/INC/DMDK all fell prey to that folly – I am ignoring all others as fringe elements]; now therein lay the challenge for Shri. Annamalai [KA in short from now on], as the visual media was either owned and/or controlled and/or DMK controlled those who had control over the channels, as he had no support from the media in its various forms – VISUAL/PRINT/MSM in TN; the growth of SM as a media was fully used by DMK[thanks to a Brahmin – Prashant Kishore] and DMK with its money power could employ numbers to occupy the SM space along with promoting You Tube Channels – funded/ maintained by DMK even today and all of them had only one agenda – before the state elections – beat the opposition to pulp – which they did;

KA understood this much better than almost all leaders of BJP – TN and also the national leadership; he must have carried a lot of moral conviction [used as a noun here] to have convinced those who matter in following a new narrative and personally speaking – all must have said YES for they had nothing to lose in attempting a new narrative but everything to gain: again here personally I was sure that he was living up to what he had written in his book – to cite a few // THE TIME FOR SELLING MY VISION[pgs.36-40, CHALLENEGES FOR THE VISION PLAN[pgs.41 onward],going onto UNDERSTANDING THE POWER PERCEPTION[pgs.47+, THE BREED OF POLITICIANS [pgs.69+],FIGHTING THE UNDERBELLY OF THE SOCIETY[this chapter really gave me an insight into this man called KA pgs.81 ++, and the last 2 chapters of his book POLITICS – REFORMATION STARTS WITH A BETTER UNDERSTANDING & THE FUTURE – OF US AND OUR COUNTRY- the passion of the man is just unbelievable – and – outstandingly pragmatic. It takes a long time for me to be impressed by a person, that too with political affiliations, but in KA I am, impressed.

Having said all above – let us take a look at how he keeps breaking the narrative creator DMK into pulp on every subject – the enormous work done by PK to ensure MKS comes to rule in TN [I believe its cost was 350C ++], I am sure PK must be feeling OMG – for KA has certainly broken the narrative bastion of DMK. Even his detractors would concede that fact – with hatred of course. I am certainly not giving examples of how he is killing the narrative – it is visible to the naked eye and even the deaf can hear it. It has rattled the DMK and no Minister wants to take him on – they however allow the trolls to carry on their mission in their attempts to beat him and in the bargain – by merely ignoring them and the young brigade in SM has literally began eulogizing him [WHICH IS NOT HEALTHY], KA has been sensible, very sensible about not being carried away with the eulogy created.

The day is not far off, wherein he will grooming himself for it to bring TN on the path of glory it deserves and rank it on top of growth with NIL or NEARNIL vasooli raj that it is today. It is a tough task and the pathway is not one of roses but thorns – I am sure he will endure to walk through and stand tall, indeed.

I must add that the skeptic that I was of the leadership of BJP-TN now is content that it is heading for better days, under the leadership of KA.




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