Aththi Varadhar – Vishwakarma’s role

Kanchi is the holiest among the seven places that can give moksham.  Without knowing this, Brahma wandered all around and did penance at different places.  Due to his failed attempts, Brahma was shattered and almost dropped dead like a tired crow before the divine voice came and revived him again.

Brahma reflected on these incidents for a second and felt sad for having lost so much time doing unnecessary things.  At the same time, he knew the enormity of the task on hand and immediately summoned Vishwakarma, the divine architect.

“Vishwam” means world and “karma” means action. Hence, “Vishwakarma” means someone who has the ability to create the world.  When you take the literal meaning, even Brahma cannot become “Vishwakarma” because he was also created by someone. This is why Sriman Narayana alone is the world’s Vishwakarma.

But the person Brahma called now is a Deva who was given the task of creation and this is why he was thus named.  Brahma summoned Vishwakarma because of this yagam’s significance. He wanted everything to be perfect for Perumal and this is why Vishwakarma was assigned the task of creating the things necessary for the yagam.

As soon as Vishwakarma came, Brahma ordered him to create a grand city that would welcome devas, asuras, men, gandharvas, dhanavas, learned people, rishis and rakshasas.   “I have decided to go an awe-inspiring yagam that would alleviate the sins of everyone.  This is going to be a pure and perfect yagam because the person who is going to be prayed in this yagam is none other than Sriman Narayana Himself.  Can you see this hillock here?  Flatten it and convert it into a yaga kundam.  Come on, get on it right away!”, commanded Brahma.

Vishwakarma began his work in earnest.  He began constructing the yaga kundam and the city simulataneously and put his heart and soul into this work because he felt blessed to construct a city for Perumal to come and live.

Due to such thoughts, he oversaw even the smallest aspects.  He was so captivated by the beauty of this hillock that he wanted to carve it to perfection.  After all, this is the place where Perumal is going to emerge, so everything had to be the best of the best.

In many ways, this holy place is similar to the Chakra that embellishes Perumal’s hands.  The Chakra has the power to eradicate the fears of people that happen because of the sins they commit.  In this sense, it eradicates their sins too.  Likewise, it has the power to eliminate rakshasas, asuras, and anyone else who is always filled with negative thoughts.  Besides being an important weapon, it is also a mesmerizing jewel that adorns His beautiful hands. This is why Vishwakarma wanted this new city to also be unique and beautiful because it is going to welcome Perumal.

It is due to such divine thoughts that Vishwakaram subconsciously said “Varada! Varada!” as he carved and sculpted each stone.  How was he able to say this name?  Well, it’s because every bit of earth and the air around him reverberated with these words and this was absorbed by his mind too.  This is why these words came out of his mouth.  It felt as if a deep cleanse was happening in this place as it reverberated with this holy name – all before Brahma even entered it.

This divine architect built a fence around the city and as he worked his way through the construction, Bhoomi Devi blushed.  But why should She blush when Vishwakarma was building a magnificent city?

The architect made a gold ornament and decorated it with it diamonds, pearls and precious stones and this ornament dazzled with beauty and elegance.  This ornament is none other than the city of Kanchi and this is why it is believed that Kanchi is the Oddiyanam (Hip belt) of the Earth.

Such was the beauty of Kanchi!

to be continued…..

Author : Sri APN Swami’s Shishyas based on the original Tamil article by Sri APNSwami

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