Abducted, gang raped, cut into two halves while still alive: Horror of Hindu Exodus in 1990

Mention 19 January to Kashmiri Hindus, horrors of chilling, cold, dark night of January 19, 1990 start haunting them.

When so called intellectual gang term ‘temporary internet shutdown’ in valley as violation of human rights, Kashmiri Hindus feel as if they are rubbing salt into their wounds.

In a secular and independent India on 4 Jan 1990 local Urdu newspapers, Aftab and Al Safa dared to publish a press release issued by Hizb-ul-Mujahideen ordering all Kashmiri Hindus to leave the Valley immediately. Mosques in the valley started broadcasting—“We order you to leave Kashmir immediately. This land belongs to Muslims and Allah. Sikhs and Hindus cannot stay here.” Next, they started serving notices to prominent members of Hindu community—“If you do not obey, we will start with your children. Kashmir Liberation, Zindabad.”

Then, they had started butchering Hindus. Human rights activist Sunanda Vashisht—who had once testified before a US Congressional panel about the atrocities inflicted on Kashmiri Hindus during 1990–narrated many heart-wrenching details.

A young woman, who was lab assistant in a school, was abducted blindfolded, gangraped and cut into two halves on a mechanical saw while still alive.

A young engineer, named B K Ganjoo, was shot by terrorists through the rice container he was hiding in his attic. Later Jihadis forced his wife to eat the blood-soaked rice. He would have been alive today had his own neighbours not disclosed his location.

Vashisht said she could go on and on as there are uncounted chilling and horror stories of Kashmiri Hindu exodus. She described genocide of Kashmiri Hindus
as “worst ethnic cleansing” that independent India witnessed. Vashist also said abrogation of Article 370 was “a restoration of human rights”.

Indeed, by removing, a 70 years old cancer, Section 370, the present government has proved to be decisive, due to which, the political problem in Kashmir has been resolved. But, country’s intellectual terrorists, who provide oxygen to Islamic Jihad and terrorism, still hide themselves under the garb of secularism. For example, the so-called agitators protesting CAA in Shaheen Bagh, Delhi, are celebrating “Jasne Shaheen” on 19 January. Is it a political statement: first we would commit genocide, then celebrate?

How strange it is! Kashmiri Hindus were slaughtered, their women were brutally gang raped, even their small children were not spared. But, neither mighty Indian Army rushed to rescue them, nor police tried to protect them, and judiciary behaved as if nothing happened.

How stranger it was! Neither did India become intolerant, nor did India’s democracy come under threat, then. Today, when the Internet was temporarily shut down, so called intellectual groups started shouting that human rights were violated. Does this mean that Hindus do not have the right to live in this country?

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