7 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of A Stubborn Sun Tan

Expensive cosmetic products and creams can help you get rid of stubborn skin tan. But simple home remedies against sun tan can be much easier to afford.

Sun tan is an inevitable part of the summer season
Lactic acid in buttermilk will help you shed the upper layer of your skin An enzyme in orange peels can ease hyper pigmentation The cooling effect of cucumber will help you fight sun tan naturally No matter how much you try to cover yourself or wear sunscreens, some part of your body are ought to get sun tan. It is like an inevitable part of the summer season. And it gets worse; some parts of your body have to deal with stubborn sun tan, one which just won’t go away. When your skin is exposed to sunlight for a long period of time, it starts producing melanin, the pigment which gives your skin its color and protects it against the harmful effects of the UV rays of the sun. So the more you stay out in the sun, the more melanin is produced. Over time, this results in stubborn skin tan. There are creams and other cosmetic products which can help you get rid of stubborn skin tan, but these products will cost you a bomb. In such a scenario, you must opt for home remedies.

Sometimes your regular sunscreen can fail to protect you from sun tan

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Here are 7 simple home remedies which can help you get rid of stubborn sun tan naturally.
1. Buttermilk

If you dealing with stubborn sun tan, apply some buttermilk on your skin. Lactic acid in buttermilk will help you shed the upper layer of your skin, the epidermis, naturally. This will help you reveal fresh skin and allow it to breathe freely. Research shows that skin treated with lactic acid contains lower deposits of melanin. It also helps you boost collagen levels which improve skin elasticity.

Lactic acid in buttermilk contains lower deposits of melanin
Photo Credit: iStock

2. Turmeric paste

Since the ancient times, turmeric has been used as powerful ingredient to improve skin tone. Curcumin, an active compound in turmeric can help you inhibit melanin production. Take some turmeric powder and add yogurt and water to it to prepare a paste. Apply it on your skin to improve elasticity and protect your skin against the UV rays of the sun. Let it dry and then scrub it gently and wash it off. Repeat this twice a week to get rid of stubborn sun tan naturally.

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3. Honey, orange and yogurt mask

The peels of bitter oranges can be very effective in terms of removing stubborn skin tan. An enzyme in its peels can boost the production of melanin and ease hyperpigmentation. Grind some dried peels of bitter orange and combine it with honey and yogurt to prepare a smooth paste. Apply it on your skin and allow it to rest, now peel off this mask. Repeat this twice a week and it will help you get rid of sun tan naturally.

4. Crushed watermelon

Glutathione in watermelons is an antioxidant which boosts the production of melanin in the body. Research shows that the oral and topical use of crushed watermelon can be quite helpful in removing stubborn skin tan naturally. Crush a little watermelon and scrub it on your skin for best results.

Crushed melon can be useful in removing sun tan
Photo Credit: iStock

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5. Oatmeal, buttermilk and honey

Buttermilk and honey have already proved their abilities when it comes to removing stubborn sun tan. But there’s one new ingredient in this remedy, and that is oatmeal. Mixing colloidal oats with a little honey and buttermilk can help you prepare a pack which removes sun tan and yet helps your skin retain its moisture. Mix the three ingredients and apply it on your skin. Scrub it well and then wash it off. Repeat this twice a week for desired results.

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6. Sandalwood powder and rose water

Sandalwood powder and rose water pack is a very helpful remedy when it comes to removing stubborn sun tan. All you need to do is mix these two ingredients to prepare a paste of smooth consistency. Freeze it for 10 minutes and then apply it on your face. Wash it off once the paste dries out.

Sandalwood along with rose water is a helpful remedy when it comes to sun tan
Photo Credit: iStock

7. Cucumber and lemon juice

The cooling effect of cucumber juice and the bleaching properties of lemon juice will help you fight stubborn sun tan naturally. All you need to do is mix cucumber juice with two teaspoons of lemon juice and apply it on your face. Let it rest for 10 minutes and then wash it off. Bleaching properties of lemon will help in lightening your skin tone and the cooling properties of cucumber will help in soothing sunburn effects.



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