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Will Fadnavis win the trust?

The people of Maharashtra at last will have a government by tomorrow – hopefully.

Devendra Fadnavis, in all likelihood, is to be sworn in as the Chief Minister –with or without enough numbers to prove his majority – at least on the day of his assuming office again – unless of course Shiv Sena leaders are able to behave sensibly and responsibly. But the damage has been done already but the BJP has not learnt any lesson out of it. And, the Sena or the NCP would be as happy as the BJP!

A combine that for forged alliance before the elections had won a majority of seats and that should have seen a government by these parties assume office at the earliest. If this was not to be and if an alliance partner decides to go against the spirit of the team, then the other partner must express its displeasure too in proceeding with the pre-poll arrangement. Surprisingly, to the utter dismay of anyone who had a certain regard for the BJP, the major partner preferred to ‘play safe’ silently watching the developments with a sense of disbelief. Take it for granted, no single word condemning the Sena would ever come from the BJP. That would be considered the ‘master’ stroke!

If the culprit is the Sena, the responsibility of BJP to the voters has not been displayed in adequate measure either. When there was an open break-up in the alliance, how can they join hands again and form a government – ‘of the people’?

It was a vulgar display of senseless craving for power and nothing else. The BJP or the Sena or the NCP does not seem to feel guilty for the blatant attempt to negate the verdict of the people. In a way, Congress has done a fairly neat job of not being a ‘player’ in this dirty numbers game. This reluctance or refusal of the Congress to support a Sena dispensation forced the NCP leader Sharad Pawar to categorically announce his decision to stay away from any such possibility. The credit should go to the Congress and let Pawar not be allowed to claim to be principled. He never was and will never be too.

Among the 4 parties – BJP, Shiv Sena, NCP and the Congress – the party with least number of seats is Congress and it is this party that has acted with restraint in this power game. Seems our leaders believe that electoral success gives them all the freedom to behave in a reckless manner; in a ridiculous way. Otherwise, no person of normal human qualities would have preferred to resort to the tactics that the Sena employed in the past 10 days or so.

As the game is set to be over, (said to be over), the BJP does not deem it wrong to accept the support of the Sena to form the government. The BJP and the Shiv Sena have a duty to the people of Maharashtra to answer who gave the authority to put the verdict on hold for so long.

Sena had earlier gone on record that it would form its government with the support of the parties they fought against in the elections barely a few days ago.

It is a slap on the face of the electorate and anybody with a conscience must openly declare his / her disapproval to the evil designs of the Sena. Unless this is done, unless the Sena is condemned by all parties concerned and unless the Sena is driven to political isolation, this dangerous trend of changing the course at any point of time with no genuine reason to do so would become the order of the day.

And that would be a death blow to the democratic functioning of the political system in our country. Are we going to allow it? Is the BJP so much in need of power to overlook the gross misbehavior of its alliance partner so that power does not slip out its hands?

The misadventure of the Sena in violation of democratic principles would gain a status of legitimacy if the BJP agrees to ‘forget the past’ and proceed to cling to power at the mercy of Shiv Sena. Is it right to accept disgrace to enjoy fruits of power? BJP has to rethink its decision to ‘somehow’ retain power. But we are sure at the same time that BJP is no different in capturing the chair by hook or by crook and the tall claims by its leaders of being ‘different’ is nothing but a wishful desire never put into practice. BJP leaders have all long been preachers and advisers rather than being doers and followers.

The best thing that can happen in Maharashtra is a re-poll and BJP and Shiv Sena should remain separated from each other ever hereafter. Anyway, this is not possible in India since our leaders are more attached to the benefits than the policies or principles.

If anybody had the idea of a ‘clean’ BJP, the swearing in of a BJP government in Maharashtra should be an enough embarrassment to keep their heads down in shame. The BJP is very much a Sena; is very much an NCP. Any expectation that the BJP would stick to ideological or ethical norms is but the result of a well propagated misconception. Hence do not be disappointed if the BJP behaves ‘strangely’.

The immediate challenge before Fadnavis would be to prove his majority on the floor of the House. He may succeed and go on to remain the Chief Minister for the full term. The government may fall without the required majority and the Assembly may be kept in suspended animation.

The situation is so fluid that nobody including Fadnavis could say anything for sure. Yet, Maharashtra will soon have a BJP government sworn in as the BJP is the single largest party and with no other option available, the Sena would fall in line too in support of Fadnavis on the basis of ‘agreement’ reached in camera. We would never what transpired between the two parties to have joined again to form the government. Why should we know? We are after all voters; not ‘leaders’. Isnt’it?

At present, BJP government with Fadnavis as the Chief Minister seems to be happening. And.., this would be most comic end to the sorry episode of having kept the electorate waiting.

Is there anybody in BJP, in Sena or in NCP – ready to accept the responsibility for the drama where the people were but mute spectators as always?

Indian democracy has witnessed yet another foul game – of the politicians, for the politicians, by the politicians. I believe, like so many millions, that everything is fine in our country – the Constitution… the Election Commission… the Laws.. the Rules.. the Courts… the Rights. Only, we the people are bad!!!

-Baskaran Krishnamoorthy

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