In continuation of my earlier articles on WHY DMK MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO RULE TAMIL NADU AGAIN, this final chapter, in the wake of #RajiniKanth, citing health in not entering the electoral fray, turns out to be a nasty one – lamenting of his fans on the one side and the barbaric celebrations of the DMK cadre [both the paid and the unpaid], clearly exhibits their paranoia;

There are debates whether the Voice of Rajini will have the same effect as in 1996, whether he will lend his voice at all etc., I see BJP TN stating that while they appreciate his stand, also hasten to add that he will lend his support to ensure victory of BJP – when will these guys ever learn that BJP may need the strength and support but to say that Rajini will win the elections for them is to debunked; they have a stature and like they made inroads in Andhra, Kerala, they will on their own make inroads in TN too.

Normally I refrain from quoting or citing the supposed learned – illuminati [people who claim to have a special understanding or knowledge of something:], like the auditor turned editor, who in my opinion failed miserably – and that like the other one sitting in Delhi and batting for VKS and company are desperate for gaining recognition in the power circle of the political world – to me they are merely also ran ones and need to be ignored;

Let us look at the situation as on date – EPS the present CM of TN , though a nominee of VKS gang in order to defeat OPS the other claimant has established himself as fairly decent administrator and having understood that his officers are capable of delivery has certainly achieved what is necessary and he is fit enough to lead AIADMK back into the saddle: YES there are a lot of internal hiccups and the monumental political EGO of his ministerial colleagues, especially OPS [ he must have by now understood that BJP will not continue to support him – if he does not deliver and the supposed thinking that he may link up with VKS will never happen as he knows that will be his political death knell];

DMK does not have a leader with mass base and/or one can pull votes – MKS unlike late MK lacks the charisma and the qualities needed to be a leader of men; the internal squabble is just increasing its tempo – his son UDAY failing on all fronts, his sister under the guise of upping the ante for DMK has her personal ambition, more so now with Tihar beckoning her and A RAJA ; the other functionaries are jittery and they all have a selfish interest –they need to protect what they have earned and for that they would sell their souls. Let there be NO SECOND THOUGHTS ON THAT – AIADMK also has a similar faction – all these folks were hoping that if Rajini had come in , switching the bandwagon would have been easier – personally I feel that Rajini’s decision based on his health grounds these factors must have played a major role in his thinking: though the 3 page epistle to his fans state all emotions – the last but two paragraphs are evident of his mind set – he is explicit in stating that he will continue to serve the people for their GOOD;

PK a man who has always been over rated self-styled king maker was wrong in 2019 and his style does not suit the Dravidians and the Bengalis too, now; he is making all attempts but is failing in all fronts in DMK; that is also evident of late – watch the SM – the IT cell of DMK is now literally defunct and Vinodh the erstwhile advisor of DMK now with AIADMK is successfully pulling the rug under the feet of DMK.

There seems to a large amount of frustration among people – Rajini in having decided not to enter the political arena – that is understandable – but if they are serious about not allowing DMK back to power – they need to look at alternatives – Rajini’s fans are based across all parties in TN. DMK would have lost most and still they will for I for one honestly believe that his fans[who are also the voters are smarter than most leaders – will enmasse ensure that if not anything else – to boost the morale of Rajini will vote against DMK.

However, certain part of politics nothing is easy till the last minute – having said that I strongly believe that DMK is now marked and numbered for its nemesis. The important factor being MKA the elder brother of MKS and for him this is going to be the battle for his own survival – and it is a fact that his loyalist supporters have been quite because he has not taken a stand and that he will – his entry being certain [if I am to believe my sources], I would also attribute it as tacit understanding between him and Rajini too – it is beyond that thinking.

As they say “if hopes were dupes, then fears may be liars” – one can but hope – that DMK must never be allowed to rule the state .


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