“Gitam vandhyamca nirtyamca triyam sangitam ucyate”

“Lyrical melody, instrumental music& rhythmic dance; these three aspects put together become sangeet, the art of music”

Music is the artistic expression of emotions through systematic and aesthetic combination of sound, rhythms, and patterns.

The simplest yet the omnipotent truth is Music is the frequency of this universe in our audible range. This frequency is clearly gathered and relished in its simplest forms of Swara (notes) and Raga (Melody).

The inevitable and immeasurable combinations and permutations of Swaras, along with Sruthi create the beautiful renderings of the Voice of Gods, the frequency of this universe, and demystify the magic of Music.

Tune in as we dwell closer to the realm and beauty of RAGA in this article.

There is a famous saying in Tamil “AAYAKALIGAL 64” and in Sanskrit we say “Chausath Kalas”. These are nothing but the 64 Form of Arts, in which Music is one of them.

The Ragas are base of “Nridya-Vidya”-Dance, “Natya Vidhya”- Theatrical Performance, “Vadya Vidhya” – Playing Instruments and lastly “Geeta Vidya” – Singing. And in all these, Ragas acts as the primary pillar.

Raagas – A medical Magic:

Did you know there are around 72 basic ragas and many Sub-Notes ragas? And these are those which act as the strong ground with which every other musical work. They say “Music is a healing therapy”. I think all of us would agree to it without any hesitation.

Musical therapy is booming concepts which are being employed in great extend in Hospital nowadays. Budding Singers/Musicians to help their patients get musical therapy. People who undergo treatment for psychological trauma, stress, depression enjoys this musical therapy session. Such practices growing, it wasn’t a surprise to learn that Corona patients who were isolated for recovery were treated with musical therapy sessions (along with the medical treatments) to give them a feel Good factor instead of giving the Feel of Sick in the hospital environment.

Be it a piece of Soothing traditional music or a Classy Cinema song, every progression and development owe its base on our Indian ragas.

Raagas and effect on mood:

“Srutir Maata Layah Pitah”

Shruthi is mother and Layah is father

Ragas are the very profound concept in Indian Classical music. We should also learn that the  South Indian Carnatic music and North Indian Hindustani is a newer division rule we made. However, both forms come under Indian Raga which is “Expression of Bhakti” .

 As a melodious entity and combinations of every emotion woven into the patterns of sruthi and Laya, the results lead us to every possible frequency in emotions. The inevitable result takes a form into this reality which very resonates deeply on us and makes Realize themselves. Well, almost all of us say “I am down and music makes me better”. In such grand sense, Ragas are no different from Human beings and their emotions.

And just like human emotions of Happiness, sadness, Mercy, Compassion, depression, etc., Ragas have a similar effect. “To simplify the explanations, I have shared few Emotions to Ragas scales.

·         Happiness – Hamsadhwani

·         Sadness – Playing Shivaranjani helps to uplift the sad mood

·         Mercy – Feeling of mercy is created when Vasantha Bhairavi is Played

·         Compassion – Raga Sahana brings in the feeling of Compassion

·         Depressed – Sama Raga Reduces Stress and Anxiety.

·         Exciting – KadhanaKuttuhalam

·         Early Morning Raga – Bhoopalam, Bowli

·         Morning Raga – Mohanam

·         Afternoon Raga – Vasantha

·         Evening Raga – Abheri

·         Late evening – Karaharapriya

·         Sleeping – Neelamabari, Bagesri

Raagas and beyond:

As the marvelous combinations touch out emotions and much more to our Athma, the ever pondering pancha-bootham starts to submit to the will of this divine frequency as well.

·         Rain RaagaAmirthavarshini – For Bringing in the rain

·         Fire RaagaRaaga Deep – The Raaga that brings in fire

Ragas also have an effect on Chakras-Following raga opens up the respective chakras which are called raga therapy in modern science.

·         Mooladhara ChakraHamsadhwani

o   Body Parts Associated: Legs, Hips, Knees, Sexual and Reproductive organs (Men)

·         Swadhistana ChakraTodi

o   Body Parts Associated: Kidney, Bladder, Large Intestine and Sexual organs (Women)

·         Manipura ChakraAbhogi

o   Body Parts Associated: Stomach, Small Intestine, Liver, Gall bladder, pancreas

·         Anahata ChakraMaayamalavagowlai

o   Body Parts Associated: Heart, lungs, circulatory system, shoulders, and upper back.

·         Vishudha ChakraDwijavanti

o   Body Parts Associated: Throat, Neck, Teeth, Ears, And Thyroid Gland.

·         Aagnya Chakra – Mohanam

o   Body Parts Associated: Related to Clarity In mind , Intitutionistic thoughts 

·         Sahasra Chakra Sindhu Bhairavi

o   Body Parts Associated: the ability to open up to the Divine and total access to the unconscious and subconscious. 

Now there are a lot of findings from modern medicine that says a particular frequency of sound can calm and heal the diseases and ailments. But these Ragas which are there for several Years and Yugas has the same frequency. We had no device or technology or Google to help our ancestors. But still, they have left us Priceless possession in terms of art, Literature, Music, Astronomy, Management, and even life lessons on how one should lead a life.

It’s our duty to use the ancient pearls of wisdom delivered by our ancestors and make our “Bharat” a proud nation.

About the author

Shivakrupa Rajaramm – People Architect is a software Engineer turned HR professional. Her general formula is, ‘Follow your bliss.’ Find where it is, and don’t be afraid to follow it. Experience in devising and implementing coherent Resource Management Strategies across global markets and proven success in achieving integration of HR programs towards organizational goals and values. She comes with a history of providing strategic direction and leadership in the areas of talent management, organizational planning, employee engagement and execution of all HR related activities and programs. She Guest lectures at B-School and Delivers “Management talks” to Students and fellow faculties.

Twitter [email protected]



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