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The Sad Giant

Deep in the heart of the picturesque country New Zealand was a forest called ‘Dangered Forest’. Legend had it that it was home to a giant. Most of the forest was off limits to people. Urban legend said that whoever ventured into the forest was captured by the giant and turned into puppets. But the truth was, whenever he heard anyone come, he would rush out to make friends with them. But the humans would think he is coming to kill them. Many years ago, a naughty boy, Henry Richards came out of the forest with a deep gash on his face and blamed the giant’s parents for it. He recounted the story of how two scary giants attacked him and how he defeated them. Little did Henry Richards know that the two giants where protecting their baby of a few days old. Left alone in the Dangered Forest the little baby giant grew up without his parents or friends. Always sad and lonely. Since then he has been looking for friends or a family to call his own. 

One day a group of tourists wandered into the forest. They had come from London. People warned them about the giant, but they did not listen to the locals. A sudden rustle in the very foggy forest startled them. As they huddled up closely, from the fog emerged the towering giant!!! Most of them fainted and the others stood frozen with fear. The giant immediately sprang into action and helped all the tourists. 

 After all the tourists were better, he led them to his cosy home and allowed them to take shelter for the night. He shared his coloured rocks and other made up toys with the group. Paul and Anna from the group were moved by the giants’ kindness and love. They were avid travellers, constantly globetrotting. The giant reminded them of their son who died many years ago. They asked the giant to come back to London with them and live with them as their son. The giant was overjoyed on hearing this. 

…. Could Paul and Anna be the family he never had? Could he finally have a chance at a wholesome life?

I’d like to think Yes!!! 

I believe somewhere in London lives a happy family…Paul, Anna and the Giant.

Facts about the author

Aryan is a grade 4 student at HFS Powai.  Along with Math Aryan is good in art. Aryan aspires to publish his work soon.

Childhood is a world of stories and dreams. Children start by listening to stories. Then they start reading stories and comics. Characters and plots come alive fuelled by imagination. And with the slightest of nudge kids start writing their own stories……..often surprising you with their capabilities!

IndSamachar is a young vibrant digital media organisation with pan India presence in multiple languates. IndSamachar is keen to publish and promote young authors through its social media handles. Following are the criteria :

Age – less than 15 years old

Language – English / Hindi

Type – Story / Article (maximum 300 words)

Specification – original work without any editing by parents/elders

Send the stories to [email protected] You will receive a response within 24 hours. An IndSamachar columnist will contact your child, through you for any clarifications or details. When the story is selected for publication, you will receive a notification. Service fees shall apply.



  1. Aarti

    15/03/2020 at 15:44

    Fills my heart with joy to see kids explore the world of writing. Keep it up Aryan !!!

  2. Anjali Aruldas

    15/03/2020 at 15:47

    Wow, there is a giant within us,craving for love, affection and a peaceful home to live.
    Really wish the giant gets it.
    Congrats Aryan. Keep writing and penning your thoughts.

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