The man Rahul Gandhi, supposedly the great grandson of J Nehru, and, also supposedly born out of wedlock between Antonio Manio Sonia Gandhi [as per records on Google and Rajiv Gandhi, and has claims to be the grandson of Shrimati. Indira Gandhi [there is a lot history behind this name too] is not a comedian and/or a fool as is portrayed by himself and all forms of media including the social media.

This man, approximately slightly over 50 years of age – in poisonous/venomous and above all vile – Vile is something or someone as morally wrong or offensive as to be thoroughly disgusting. Are you appalled by someone’s sordid, despicable, ugly and just generally awful behavior? Then it’s probably vile, too.

He is a combination of Inland Taipan, Many-banded Krait, Synanceia verrucosa [a species of stonefish, is lined with dorsal spines that deliver intensely painful and lethal venom. It is sometimes called the most venomous fish in the world]; Hooded pitohui is nothing before him; Poison dart frog.

Enough of these comparisons to prove his identity – now why is he out to destroy Bharat/India – the answer is simple – being born into the heritage of the ruling – beginning from his great grandfather to his grandmother to his father [all supposed only], the dynasty having looted and ruined this great nation of ours – their dreams of ever being crowned lost in the quagmire created by themselves – as a family they survived by merely keeping the nation destabilsed. Their Power lay in their manipulations/control [this is learnt from the Mafia in Sicily- either control or control those who control – now if your thoughts are towards late Ahmed Patel, living master mind of even changing affidavits of Tihar fame, a Prime Minister whom this nation never should have had and so on – you are doing so at your risk.

Rahul Gandhi[RG in short], understood much ahead of his family that INC or them ruling the country again is next to impossibility, in the near future – the alternate before him was to disintegrate the nation – cause mayhem/ keep people in tenterhooks and above all ensure to be a continuous threat- the agreement entered into – signed by RG and the CCP – though none above the family is aware of its contents is a clear move towards destabilization – the bearded goat called Sidhu is merely a tool to build a narrative and a link to Pakistan – alliances with forces within India with people like[who are power hungry and nothing more – I can think of 2 states one having spent over 350 crores to regain power and the other a khadi clad megalomaniac, the fringe elements such as Khalistan and ever bowing main stream media [who are so used to freebies and travel across the globe to gifts in kind and cash and facilities, ability to manipulate the government – the list is endless.

Yesterday in Parliament – was the 1st [possibly the only slip he has made so far] was to talk of DMK and indirectly endorsing [in the guise of ‘union of states’], is what to be noted. The day is not far off – as such the narratives against the present Government of India is being slaughtered by International media[thanks to Big George and JB and aunty KH], who do not want a strong India to exist – their plans as ‘SUPER POWER’ is in deep pits now and the game is playing out.

Let us understand the REALITY/TRUTH/FACT whatever adjective one wants to use – RG has been groomed to pretend that he is naïve and limited or NIL knowledge – but deep inside him is a wily mastermind – acting wittingly yet the eye is on POWER for the family in generations to come.

This article will have a sequel as I am now looking for more facts – but one must be sure that the narratives of INC/DMK AND other fringe parties like CPI.CPM/etc., to them the enemies are the NATIONALISTS. This new found governance [this was a dream for people like me and my generation – most of us could not believe that we will live to see such a transforming India – and now the generations after are lucky indeed.

JAIHIND … [to be continued]

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