The announcement made by Rajinkanth, to enter the fray of electoral politics in Tamil Nadu has thrown the equilibrium haywire, in the State, as most believed that he would not venture to do so – after all he had evaded the move so long and most parties were literally given up hope and the DMK was extremely happy at that speculation – they attempted every trick in the book to dissuade him from entry – this was more because M K STALIN is not the man that his father Late MK was – he lacks the charisma and the wily ways of the old man; with AIADMK though there was a lot of noise from them –they were hoping that he would not come in – after all EPS had just strengthened himself within the party and he was performing well as CM of the State; BJP was weary that he kept them at bay and honestly , my personal take on the issue was they hoped that at least Rajini would lend his voice in favour of them [he did that in 1996 and that is how DMK came to power – a gross mistake of Late M/s.GKM/CHO[his reasoning was the gross corruption of late JJ and her ministers during their tenure], PC had his own reasons and so on- time moved on and Rajini’s loyal fans wanted him in and he kept evading and in fact he became the butt of political jokes – EVEN THE LEARNED were harping on it , leave alone others.

Rajini as a human being has seen ups and downs – he had no Godfather in the film industry when he was introduced by Late KB, minor roll to begin with – but his hard work, dedication and sincerity could not be stopped. He was growing up in the ladder and for a man from very humble background the money got into his head and he was trapping himself to a point of no return – but then as one believer to another he woke up at the right time and bang he never looked back after that; he married of his own choice and though there are issues which is family got embroiled [ I am quoting that here – because all opposition especially the DMK – who are more sinners than saints – will use every titbit to tarnish his image – after all they did it to the legend the one and only Late MGR], and knowing Rajini as in the past he will ignore these petty jibes and move ahead – he has certainly made the decision being aware of these minor points and comparatively these are very minor to the loot running into budgets of small nations by DMK.

While I notice the pundits and self-styled 2 bit journo raising issues[only for 2 minutes of fame and nothing more], few taking the onus of responsibility for bringing him in, and we have the never say die Subramanian Swamy who more out of frustration that his entry point into TN politics is scuttled by Rajini he is now making an attempt to tie himself with VK Sasikala[on the other hand he claims that he was responsible for her and Late JJ going to prison on charges of corruption –one can understand his plight;

Let us be clear on one FACT – the infrastructure required for elections – as a party are in place – right up to booth committees which is of utmost importance in an election of this large scale; he has the mass as fans and the diehard ones will work tirelessly for his win – this phenomena is visible – after Late MGR – to this man alone. People may scoff at this observation – look at facts – 25 years on from 1996 – literally 2 generations people have waited for this moment and to them it is an awesome moment – after all, they now can turn and scoff at people who had done that to them during previous elections – the comparison is only on that score – for Late MGR is demi God to people and this is visible in villages even today – I meet them regularly and I am aware of it – Late JJ was a solace to them – not a replacement – similarly Rajini they hope will be a solace too and that is the moot point.

I have not taken into consideration other parties and not one bit of the bots in the political filed in Tamil Nadu, which includes Mr Kamal Hassan , himself, with due respects to an actor he has, nothing more.

I also see a lot of people exhibiting their knowledge on psephology – taking out statistics from 1996 onwards – to them I simply say the vote shares visible is based on the alliance of convenience they had , therefore it needs to be ignored – after all look at Late MGR – he defied all odds – the same cannot work here as times have changed and today the voter knows what he wants – the biggest loser on that account , so far , has been BJP in Tamil Nadu – they voted AIADMK for state and went with Namo for centre; that is now changing with a brand new fiery leadership in BJP-TN at present; as a party BJP is dedicated to the core and that is something which cannot be denied – not even their worst enemy the Congress will deny it – this is visible –as recent as the GHMC elections [counting is going on ] they are a force indeed.

The whole gambit – the common enemy is DMK to AIADMK/BJP/RAJINIKANTH – I certainly do not foresee a pre-poll understanding [tacitly it would come in to being] a post poll agreement cannot be ruled out.


P.S this is the first of the serial on the subject: – TAMIL NADU ELECTORAL POLITICS

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