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The Benevolent Boy

Once upon a time there was a boy named Lukas. One day Lukas was walking by the woods and over there he found a dog. Little Lukas decided to take the dog home. As he reached home his parents asked him “Dear, what is there in your hand”. Lukas proudly said “Mum and dad that’s our dog.” His parents were shocked and asked him who will take care of the dog. He said he will take care of the dog.. They named the dog “Snowy” as the dog was as white as snow. 

Many Days Later

Lukas uncle fell sick and he and his parents decided to go to Lukas uncle’s house. Lukas and his parent decided to take Snowy along. The day when they were about to go Lukas took Snowy for a walk. Snowy behaved naughty and ran into a forest, the same forest from where Lukas got Snowy. He even ran to the same tree. However, this tree was bit different from before as it had a big hole. Snowy jumped through the hole and Lukas followed him inside the hole. Lukas and Snowy came to another magical world.  Over there animals could do all the activities and there were no humans. Lukas enjoyed his time in the magical world and after couple of hours came out with Snowy. They then left to his uncle’s house and his uncle became fine after couple of days. Lukas and his family came back home happily.

Three Months Later

Lukas decided to take a walk in the animal’s world. He went there through the hole in the tree along with Snowy. He even took a water bottle with him in case he felt thirsty as he wanted to stay there for long.  Lukas knew most of the new city as he had been coming there continuously for three months.  Few minutes later he heard a group of monkey screaming “Monster, Monster”. Lukas didn’t know what to do so he hid behind the tree. Then Lukas found that the monster was a gorilla. The Gorilla started destroying most of the things that came in his sight and then he took Lukas’s bottle which came in front of him. Gorilla threw the bottle in the lake. Lukas went red in the face but he calmed down and he mustered courage to ask Gorilla why did he throw his bottle in the lake. He also asked Gorilla why he had the habit of bullying. The Gorilla said there is a short story behind it and told him the story. Gorilla said when he was young he had only three friends and none of them were close to him either. They were mere acquaintances. They used to leave him alone and finally left him. He became very lonely and so got into this habit of bullying. Lukas felt bad for the gorilla and wanted to please him by giving him a gift. As Lukas was very benevolent he gave him Snowy to make Gorilla happy and a permanent friend. 

                Five Years Later

Lukas was now a young, tall and handsome man. He was eighteen years old. Lukas was taking a walk in the forest when he accidentally stepped on to a baby monkey’s tail. Suddenly a group of monkeys attacked Lukas. They were scratching him badly and Lukas was groaning with pain and fell on the ground. Suddenly a gorilla appeared. Lukas felt that he had seen the gorilla somewhere but he couldn’t remember. Lukas wasn’t focused as he was too much in pain. The gorilla was fighting the monkey and he defeated them and picked Lukas and took him to the hospital. Doctors attended Lukas and he was fine. Next day there was a parcel at his house and in the box was a dog. Lukas was very happy to get his Snoowwwiieee back. The gorilla had gifted him his dog back.

About the Author

Ribhav is 9.5 years old and studying in Hiranandani Foundation School , Powai. His hobbies include reading and coding. He also plays football and table tennis. An ardent PS4 gamer he is interested in designing games in future.



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