Smartphone gamer? Here are some accessories to improve your PUBG, CoD gameplay

With the rise of apps like PUBG Mobile, Fortnite and CoD Mobile, the number of smartphone gamers have also amped up in the past couple of years. And to get the perfect ‘Chicken Dinner’ or ‘Victory’, just having skills are not enough at times. You need tools to enhance the skills and get the most out of the smartphone to win matches. That’s where the mobile accessories for gaming enter in the picture. We have listed five most important ones below, so you can read on and go buy the ones that you really need.

Smartphone Cases: A lot of mobile phone users have constantly complained and ranted about the slippery phone surfaces. The reason is quite simple, not every phone out there is gamer friendly, but that doesn’t mean you need to hamper your gaming experience. Smartphone cases that offer a good grip are something you should look out for. Moreover, a lot of these cases offer military grade protection. So the next your angry self wants to throw away the phone after a terrible game, you certainly don’t need to worry.

Triggers: Smartphones triggers are among the most popular gaming accessories. They are basically additional rigs that latch onto your screens and all you need to do is to customize your control panel according to their positioning. Let’s just say, they magically make your screens seem bigger and wider! Not only that, a lot of people prefer using their index fingers while playing games and triggers are the best solution for that. Final verdict – triggers are a pocket friendly investment that enhance your mobile gaming experience tremendously.

Gaming Earphones: Hearing is one of the most important factors while gaming and you need to be extra careful about it when in close combat or stealth situations. The movement of your opponent, your conversation with your teammates or simply you being more aware of your environment, all depends on the quality of sound that enters your ears. Some gaming earphones also come with detachable mics so that’s a big plus when it comes to multiplayer games. The market is filled with a wide range of new gen earphones, at an affordable rate, that make your game time more intricate. If you are someone looking to enhance your mobile gaming experience, gaming earphones are a must buy.

Power Banks: We all have had long days where we’ve come back home only to realise that our phone is at 10% battery. It gets frustrating especially when your squad is waiting for you on PUBG to have a chicken dinner. Also, gamers can’t always be expected to find a place near a charging point to juice up their phones. Charging while playing your favourite game is something no one is fond of. That’s where power banks come in handy. Portable, quick and easy with some even supporting two way quick charge, power banks offer a good backup to save your day almost always.

Gamepad: Lastly, we want to talk about gamepads that literally transform your mobile gaming experience. They are essentially controllers that attach to your mobile phone and just like that, all your problems just disappear. Small screen problem? Solved. Cramped up controls? Taken care of. Faster gaming experience? Guaranteed. Better performances? Assured. What better could you have asked for? Gamepads are also useful for a wide range of mobile games. From multiplayer racing games to action filled battle royales, they ease your experience throughout. However, we do need to inform you that PUBG Mobile recently released a statement stating they no longer support these devices, but I’m sure you can find a way around it.

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