Shaheen Bagh and the Government’s Quiet Over the Ruckus

What could possibly explain the lack of visible action by Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah over the baseless, backdoor-motivated protests at Shaheen Bagh? 

Here are two men who’ve come out triumphs from conspiracies such as those revolving around the 2002 riots and the killing of Ishrat Jahan, who’ve made BJP the largest party in the world with widespread presence all over India despite staunch political tests, and who’ve taken unparalleled steps such as the abrogation of Article 370 against a lobby that even Indira Gandhi didn’t dare take head-on. Then what could possibly be making these men, undoubtedly the two most powerful individuals in India, to allow vile venom to be spread from Shaheen Bagh?

The answer is this – political acumen.

The obvious expectation of those at Shaheen Bagh was that the government would take immediate offence to the protests and the slogans and will order a clampdown that will result in injuries to many – particularly women – and this would prove that this government is fascist with no tolerance for an opinion opposite to theirs. This would be raked up in the international media, and Indian media houses (definitely ones like NDTV and India Today) would jump at the opportunity to cover the heinous act of using violence on citizens thus putting the government in a serious spot irredeemably harming its image.

However, nothing of the sort happened. And this is where Prime Minister Modi’s and Amit Shah’s incredible understanding of Indian politics and the ecosystem that has hounded them for two decades lies.

They achieved two crucial things by allowing the protests to go on uninterrupted. The first is that they didn’t let anybody play victim. That is a trademark aspect of Left-liberals. They accuse and abuse in the hope that they’ll arouse a reaction which then they’ll employ to shout victim and intolerance.

The other and most important thing that’s happened is that those having nefarious designs against India, those who want to break this country on the basis of religion, those who have no qualms about shouting anti-Hindu slogans, and those who have become patsies to foreign powers inimical to India, have been exposed.

Had the government in the first few days stormed Shaheen Bagh and disrupted the protests with an iron-fist the worms coming out in the recent days would never have made public appearances. They were forced to do so because they wanted to make the government take action against them, visible action. When that didn’t happen they had to get more accusatory and inflammatory. This is what the duo were waiting for.

There have been anti-Hindu and azadi slogans, speeches that call for cutting Assam from India, statements by Muslim women saying they only believe in Sharia and not in Indian law and by others to burn the Constitution, even a demented rant by a supposed ‘intellectual’ Tapan Ghosh who spat venom at the Indian Army. All the frustration at having been incapable of inciting the government into taking a knee-jerk step has eventually lead to the real motives of these sold-out blokes to come out. 

When such an unacceptable narrative against the majority, the country, and the forces, is delivered without an iota of fear, the common man feels a silent anger rage up inside him. He won’t speak nor will he come out on the streets, but he knows what these peoples’ real agenda is, and this cognisance of the reality is what truly transforms a society for the better.

Also, with the AAP and the Congress openly supporting the protesters, it has become evident to the common Indian that the optics are manufactured for political gains. Delhites are fed-up with the protestors blocking streets causing trouble in travel. This has had a palpable negative effect on the locals.

Now that the wicked anti-India agenda of those gathered under the garb of secularism and pluralism has been exposed, any action that the Modi government will take post February 8 will be justified in the eyes of the common Indian. They will receive support and not doubts at their actions.

In the simplest of words, what Prime Minister Modi has done is he’s allowed the country’s enemies to make mistakes. And what do you do when an enemy is hellbent on undermining itself through its own actions? You sit back, champagne in hand, watching the sunset, grinning at the developments. (Of course that’s not what Narendra Modi does but you get the point!)



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