PUBG Mobile: All the best camouflage gear and where to find them to win some chicken dinner

When it comes to FPS (first person shooter) games, the whole point is to stay alive the longest and win it. If you get spotted first, you get shot at first. And this game logic applies to basically all maps on PUBG Mobile.

So, while you are loading up the right kind of guns and ammo, it is also vital that you stay low and out of the enemy’s line of sight. This is where camouflage helps. And if you can hide long enough you can bag that chicken dinner.

From the rolling grasslands of Erangel and Sanhok, to the barren, sandy deserts of Miramar and the beautiful snow-laden terrain of Vikendi, PUBG Mobile players must use their environment to their advantage along with camouflage clothing.

In case you don’t know where to look, we have listed out the best camouflage gear for every map and also where you can find them.


Drop the snazzy colours and choose a basic attire to blend in the greenery of Erangel. Ideal clothing would be anything in dark colours or a garb with tinges of green. This will help you conceal amidst the foliage as well as the shadow of trees and rocks.

•Here are some of the best outfits for camouflaging in Erangel:

•Urban Padded Jacket (available in the Soldier’s Crate)

•Dirty Tank Top (available in the Soldier’s Crate)

•Striped T-Shirt (available in the Soldier’s Crate)

•Army Green Jeans (available in the Classic Crate)

•Camo Padded Jacket (available in the Classic Crate)



Jackets are not recommended in Miramar unless you want to stick to the high action urban areas. Light coloured tops or shirts worn with khaki or beige trousers will help you gel well in this map. It is best to wear sand coloured clothing to merge with the desert surroundings which has unsaturated colours. Also avoid loud masks such as the Horse Mask- they make you an easy target to spot.

Easily camouflage in Miramar with outfits such as:

•Brown Jeans (available in the Premium Crate)

•Police Shirt (available in the Premium Crate)

•Slaughter (available in the Classic Crate)

•Dirty White Tank Top (available in the Soldier’s Crate)

•Beige Cargo Pants (available in the Soldier’s Crate)



Similar to Erangel, Sanhok is also lush green with ample amount of trees everywhere. Dark coloured attires can easily camouflage you especially when in the shadow of a tree or when behind a rock. A green ghillie suit would be the perfect way to go invisible while you snake in on your enemies in Sanhok.

Don one of these to hide yourself in Sanhok:

•Long Sleeved Black T-Shirt (available in the Soldier’s Crate)

•Urban Padded Jacket (available in the Soldier’s Crate)

•Floral Shirt (available in the Soldier’s Crate)

•Bloody Combat Pants (available in the Soldier’s Crate)

•Green Pants (available in the Classic Crate)



Unlike the other maps on PUBG Mobile the terrain on Vikendi is completely white. If white’s not your colour, then go for light or dull shades to blend in the snowscapes of this beautiful map. Bright outfits are equivalent to making a deathwish in Vikendi with enemies detecting you from afar.

Snow it in with these outfits in Vikendi:

•Crystal Bandit Suit (available in the Classic Crate)

•White Bathrobe (available in the Classic Crate)

•White Combat Pants (available in the Classic Crate)

•Medical Robe (available in the Premium Crate)

•Urban Pants (available in the Premium Crate)


Besides all the camo gear, here are some pro tips to keep yourself hidden right:

•Choose the female body type; it’s shorter and less visible than the bulkier and taller male body type. While hitboxes do not differ between the models, there is a visibility difference .

•Going in bald with no hair is actually an advantage since it reduces your character’s visibility.

•Darker skin shade is great for leafy green areas of Erangel and Sanhok since characters become nearly invisible in shadowed areas.

•Lighter skin tones work well in blending your character in maps with washed out colours such as Miramar and Vikendi.

•Face masks in dark shades are a good add on to the overall attire across all maps, while the brown beanie is the most basic, yet best headgear to put on.



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