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Power of the invisible – Spiritual essence of Hinduism and novel coronavirus

Written by Amruthavalli

The bigots, iconoclasts and prodigal disbelievers of God would often dismiss and mock the existence of Paramatma- the God and the eternal force that engines the universe.  Kamsa and Hiranyakashipu too denied such existence but our Hindu mythology has proved the existence of God is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. 

Only due to the Chaitanya and grace of Lord, life is possible on earth which many discredit and dismiss.  If something is not visible to our eyes, cannot be touched and felt, cannot be tasted nor do we can recognize such objects with our sense organs, does not discredit or deny the existence of such objects.  For that matter, even novel coronavirus is invisible, cannot be touched and felt but still it exists and millions of human causality is the evidence and endorsement for the existence of invisible force.  Even if electron microscope or PCR amplified images are shown to people in general, how many would really understand anything from such images and could correlate with COVID 19 is doubtful to say because to understand, correlate and interpret, specialized knowledge and experience in virology is necessary.  The ‘knowledge’ born out of knowledge and experience is called wisdom.  Only with wisdom we can interpret such invisible objects as how dangerous or how graceful they can be like the emergence of novel coronavirus. 

To know the divine which is otherwise invisible, people need spiritual wisdom acquired through deep devotion and several penance to the, thine- the God.  

The arrival of novel coronavirus into the realm of medicine exponentially proves that ‘Science’ and ‘Spiritualty’ of Hinduism are one and the same but to realize it, one need wisdom, knowledge and experience.  Very powerful eyes, audible ears, differentiable faculty of olfaction, very sensitive skin and acute sense of taste also cannot detect novel coronavirus and the same can be seen only thought a sophisticated technology and super specialized wisdom.  Similarly to know the ‘atma’, the divine existence and to see God in his fullness, one needs super specialized wisdom. 

Inept denial of novel coronavirus by an ignoramus is not going to change the science or deny the existence of the virus.  Similarly all those who deny God, and living gospels of Hinduism -Vedas and Upanishad however, healthy they may claim of their sense organs, they need extra sensory perception, divine vision and mind to experience the God.  People need to develop vision to see the light and instead they deny the existence of light due to their blindness. 

Like how the invisible novel coronavirus that spreads fast and has made visible impacts to the world, so shall the divine grace and cosmic energy.  Those who follow the instructions of science like wearing mask, frequent washing of hands, social distancing etc., will not contract the virus and suffer from COVID 19. 

Similarly only those who follow the paths of dharma, truth and love for humanity alone can receive the divine blessings and otherwise for others the divine grace will be invisible and what shall be visible in their life would be the blessings of evil forces, thoughts and deeds filled with selfishness, ignorance, jealous, fear and unhappiness. 

At the end they suffer from mutiny, tyranny and penury.  Penury of an individual needs not be seen and defined only in economic terms.  The index of ‘anda sugam’ or inner happiness and fulfilment alone preclude how graceful one is by the divine force. 

We need to develop super specialized wisdom to know, understand and interact with God.  Following the scriptures of Hinduism, learning Bhagavad Gita, Ramayan, Vedas, Upanishad, learning the divine language – Sanskrit, having highest level of patriotism and quest to promote and popularize the essence of Hinduism selflessly alone would empower one to realize the ‘invisible’ and its fathomless power and grace for us. 

One need not renounce the world to experience God.  By being an ordinary human being with ordinary life style, still the so called ‘ordinary’ can raise to an extraordinary level of self-realization and realization of the ultimate.  All one needs is devotion, commitment, sincerity and above all, authenticity for the cause.   God never wants people to be a scholar and only then they can connect to him.  Like the novel coronavirus which demands extra-ordinary virological wisdom to know about it, God wants people to be honest, good to each other and have faith in HIM and not any scholarliness and the best example is Kalidasa. 

That is why Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita said to Arjuna that Arjuna please binds to your karma or duty and not to the outcome or reward.  If your karma is pure so shall the outcome.   It is time for we, the Indians to strive to achieve the following such as karma sudi, (pure karma) chinda sudi (pure thoughts) and atma sudi (purity at the being level) to experience God and make India a land of prosperity and happiness.

About the author

Amruthavalli G.V – M.Pharmacy from JSS college of Pharmacy, Ootacamund, Tamilnadu. Worked in Himalaya Drug Company, Bangalore, Asthagiri herbal research foundation, Chennai and Dr.JRK’s Research and Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd, Chennai. Have published about 100 original research articles in herbal medicine.



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