Pakistan left its citizens to die horrific deaths in Wuhan, would Muslims in India still want ‘Jinnah WALI AZAADI?’

An Air India special B747 flight flew from New Delhi for Wuhan city in China’s Hubei province at 12:30 on 31 Jan to evacuate Indian citizens from the epicentre of the deadly coronavirus outbreak.

The country has put Wuhan and 16 other cities on lockdown. The situation is so grim that China has cut off complete access to Wuhan and the 16 cities in Hubei province to separate the healthy from the sick. These cities are running out of food and other necessities while citizens are strictly prevented from leaving and spreading the virus further in the country.

In such critical circumstances, the 423-seater jumbo Air India plane departed from New Delhi and successfully brought back its citizens who would undergo “a mandatory 14 days quarantine” in Manesar quarantine facilities set up by our gallant Army near Delhi. Moreover, another flight also carried its left out Indian nationals to New Delhi.

While Indian students were getting on the bus, facilitated from Indian embassy for them to board Air India, in Wuhan city, a Pakistani student made heart wrenching appeal to their government to evacuate them. The student shows how Indian students are being evacuated in a bus to be flown out of Wuhan. He further cries, “it is we Pakistanis who are stranded in Wuhan, and our government says, “we won’t evacuate you even if you get infected or or die or remain alive. Shame on you Pakistan government, learn something from the Indians.”

Meanwhile, Pakistan government has clarified its stand that it would not evacuate its citizens from the coronavirus-hit Wuhan city to show “solidarity” with the Imran Khan government’s all-weather ally China. Around 800 Pakistani are studying in multiple universities in Wuhan city. The city has been quarantined by Chinese authorities. It is becoming very difficult for them to survive there.

Pakistani students left at mercy of God in Wuhan are making appeal after appeal in their short videos. However, Pakistan President, Dr Arif Alvi tweeted Pakistani government stand on twitter. “Prophet’s directions regarding disease outbreaks are a good guide even 2day “If you hear of an outbreak of plague in a land, do not enter it, but if the plague breaks out in a place while you are in it, do not leave that place” (Bukhari & Muslim) Let us help those stuck there.”

Muhammad Ali Jinnah created Pakistan for Muslim, Pakistan, which leaves their students to die horrible deaths. One question from Muslims in India, Do they still want ‘Jinnah WALI AZAADI’ as they were shouting in Shaheen Bagh and Aligarh Muslim University? Do they want ‘Jinnah WALI AZAADI’ which would leave them to die suffering every moment?

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