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For Modi Once More

Couple of days back there was BJP Parliamentary Board meeting to discuss the election strategies for 2019. PM Narendra Modi and Amit Shah also participated.

I am tempted to reiterate some of my suggestions given earlier which I strongly believe, are critical for winning 2019. Though late, but still something can be done to retrieve the situation. These are:

1. Reduce Income Tax drastically; by at least HALF of current rates. Even if it’s going to be a Fiscal budget, but a way can be found, even out of Budget, if there’s a will. Penny pinching, too-clever-by-half proposals, Jaitley Ji is used to, won’t do.

2. Do whatever overt/covert, actions are needed to facilitate jailing the top corrupt national crooks (such actions could also be against anyone coming in the way). Who to be jailed is also obvious.

3. Don’t crush the peoples movement if common folks assemble in tens of thousands to start construction of Ram Mandir.(If the SC verdict is not favourable)

4. Instead of waving off farmer’s loans, arrange for agriculture stores at convenient points for needy farmers. Inputs like seeds, fertilizers etc on credit for a crop circle, which can be increased if the crop is stored and hypothicated to government .

5. Check corruption at lower levels where people need to go often for works like registry, block offices etc. These are achievable and will go a long way in easing people’s life.

6. A presser by PM is a must to engage with all pro/anti establishment Journalists.(Lutyen’s) Take them head on and silence them once and for all.

7. Be aggressive while dealing with #GarbageDynasty. They need to be shown their place. Don’t let them get away for indulging in slander and blatant lies.

8. Revamp the Social Media team as the current one is not upto the mark. In the battle of perceptions, a strong SM team is a must to counter the falsehood and fake narratives.

As a well wisher, I need to remind that the recent loss of 3 big States is a colossal loss that was avoidable had these actions been taken in time. No one would have then dared to manufacture and propagate fake narratives to dent Govt’s credibility; or to lower Prime Minister’s prestige/dignity of the office by abusing him on daily basis.

We can already see many States slipping back to looters’ raj. Let’s not forget, a soldier can fight only when he’s alive. So it’s important to remind that while the corrupt criminal dynasty crooks could not be jailed, but with the same Govt machinery, same Constitution, same Laws.

They will not hesitate to put the leaders of current Government behind bars within weeks “IF” they come to power, despite committing no crimes. Who knows this fact better than the PM himself! This gives me additional hope that in this Budget, something big for the middle class(the core voter base) is on the way. Also finally, the long overdue, stick will be wielded.

In the 95-minute refreshing interview to ANI on the 1st day of the New year, PM had indicated that Congress is using Judiciary to fight its political war… Media is playing partisan politics with opposition .

It’s clear now that he is fully aware of the issues and concerns. Hence, must be working on finding solutions as well. Its a feeling of great satisfaction that he has his ears to the ground.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the helm is a rarest, once in a 100-years opportunity, which can’t be allowed to be frittered away. No short-term price is too big to pay to ensure his thumping win in 2019. But for that, he and BJP need to give it all as there’s no room for complacency or taking things for granted. Have you heard of Mike Tyson’s story! In his prime, he was a force to be reckoned with, a phenomenon the world over. No man could defeat him.

In the ring, Mike Tyson would pulverize any opponent he came up against – faster and more efficiently than anyone before him. Even as he celebrated victory after victory, he was already on his way down. The one thing he didn’t do eventually cost him his legacy: he became complacent and stopped training hard. Long before he lost to Buster Douglas in Japan, he had stopped being Mike Tyson, or at least the Mike Tyson the world had come to know.

As CM, Modi Ji was invincible. Plus he was ruthless. I am missing this particular aspect of his leadership. BJP had been on a winning streak under his leadership but the last three election results came as a rude shock, especially because they were a test of his social welfare schemes. Reason – complacency! Still, its a timely wake up call with just about 4 months to go for the Lok Sabha polls.

Winning 2019 cannot be left to chances as the stakes for the nation are unmeasurable. The hopes of the entire nation are pinned on the Prime Minister because 2019 is not going to be an ordinary election. Its going to be a bloody war as the Gandhi’s will be fighting for their survival.

इनके विनाश के लिए सुदर्शन चक्र उठाइय आदरणीय मोदी जी

Author : Vandana Jayrajan, can be reached out on Twitter id @VandanaJayrajan



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