No more fake smiles dear man, wear mask – Is Coronavirus the messenger of ‘truth’ or ‘fear’

Written by – Amruthavalli GV

The man is defined scientifically and nomenclatured zoologically as Homo sapiens is the most dominant species on earth; evolved with unique brain capacity and paradoxical emotions (cruelty and high empathy).   Man used his brain exclusively to sustain and support only his self needs and self-gratifications, both individually and collectively on this biome than taking up any responsibility to protect and preserve the structure and function of nature.  

It is believed by many that there is ‘some’ super power that exists above man and which alone axels the world.  The Hindu Sanadana dharma always promotes the ideals of conservation of nature for harmonious life and peaceful living.  But man defies the law of nature and wants to make the biome, his inherited property and the entire flora and fauna, not equal to his life.  Man reduced his ideals to utilitarian and contractarian levels.

To satiate his greed, man has started to destroy nature, killing other life forms that are remotely visible to him like birds of paradise in distant forests in Amazon and non-human primates – Gibbons in far eastern rainforests.  Man destroyed the forest cover, converted the home land of diverse species of plants and animals as his farm lands and recreation spots.  After destruction of nature, man turned violent against his fellow man, succumbed to wrath, greed, violence, falsehood and jilting.   Man not only vanquished nature but also the holy grail of Hindu Sanadana dharma. 

Man as a collective biological species reduced himself to an individual and what matters man today is his life, his interest, glory, happiness and his aggrandisement.  Although nature served him several warnings, man remained adamant with his obsession and greed and continued his spree of destruction in the name of development and scientific advancement.

The greedy man reduced his life just to meet the materialistic end points and lost the spiritual essence of life, despite having uncommon wisdom and brain evolution, when compared to all other species of life forms on earth and showed no responsibility and respect either to the nature in toto or to its functioning.

The Hindu Sanadana dharma always pays tributes to ‘karma’ and ‘nyaya’. 

The Lord Krishna in Bhagavat Gita says that even the dharma needs protection and the one who protects the dharma will be protected and otherwise will be destroyed by his own adharma

“Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah”.

“धर्म एव हतो हन्ति धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः”

The recent pandemic by novel coronavirus must be seen from beyond the medical paradigm; as a retaliation and rag of nature over man.  Nature cannot differentiate or sort the man based on those who are good must be spared and the bad ones alone must be punished.  The brute anarchy of man in collective phrases needs to be punished indiscriminately and that is why the pandemic is so blind; let the winner learn and develop his inner values for the future and the victim be remembered and remind the man to be benevolent towards nature.

The uniqueness of the pandemic caused by novel coronavirus is that it selectively targets only the Homo sapiens in the entire biome and not any other life form.  Imagine if there was a flood or hurricane or tsunami or other form of natural calamities, it does affect the life of several other species of life as well.  Perhaps, nature may want only man to suffer and endure and hence created the pandemic as a trailer.  The pandemic is only a trailer and the destruction of man is yet to come if man fails to save nature.

An invisible creation of nature, the virus made man totally impoverished, broke the spinal cord of the social fabric, caused incalculable harm to life and livelihood, made man to go for a cave living, a life in solitude filled with fear and frustration.  Today man could not even smile at his fellow man without the cover of mask, maybe the virus does not want the world to see the lips of man tainted with lies, falsehood, treachery and jealousy and hence forced him to hide his lips behind a mask and then smile.

This is only a trailer, exposes the vulnerability of man whether he lives in a multi-crore worth bungalow or on road side hutment, life worth more than man’s earning, social status or position, but before coronavirus, all are equal. 

The corona pandemic must wake up the man from his forced slumber, and he must be responsible towards nature.  If he continues to destroy nature, the retaliation shall be brute, merciless and pernicious. 

Follow the Sanadana Dharma of Hinduism, recognise the life of an ant is as worthy of richest man on earth

The self-invocation of Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita that he will be born again and again to protect the dharma and to destroy the ahdarma 

“paritranaya sadhunam
vinasaya ca duskrtam
sambhavami yuge yuge”

is not just about his birth or re-incarnation but every man must follow and uphold the same sense of responsibility to re-incarnate his role to protect nature for posterity.  Honesty is not an act or a mere expression the man owes to the world outside of him but honesty and love should be the value system of man through which man must live, trade and die. 

About the Author

Amruthavalli GV – M.Pharmacy from JSS college of Pharmacy,Ootacamund,Tamilnadu. Worked in Himalaya Drug Company, Bangalore, Asthagiri herbal research foundation, Chennai and Dr.JRK’s Research and Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd, Chennai. Have published about 100 original research articles in herbal medicine.

Follow her @AmruthavalliGv

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