Narendra Modi to Greet Thuglak Magazine on its 49th Anniversary.

Chennai: Thuglak is a weekly magazine founded by Cho Ramaswamy on 14th January 1970, the first day of the Tamil harvesting month “Thai” (Tamil: தை) based on the Tamil calendar system.

14-1-2019: Today: Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi conveyed his greetings to all the Thuglak readers on its 49th Anniversary and on his twitter page, Modi said that Cho Ramaswamy was a phenomenal human being and a fearless speaker who nurtured Thuglak and took it to new heights.


PM speech on Thuglak’s 47th Anniversary:

Cho was the editor of the magazine until his death and has penned several columns.

Swaminathan Gurumurthy is currently serving as a part-time director of RBI, he is the present editor of Thuglak.

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