Mystery Solved on how Congress party trying to win perception war for 2019 Elections

We all are surprised at the sheer number of concerted attacks on NDA Government in general and PM Modiji in particular.

A US based NRI and a MODI BHAKT has figured out how the Indian National Congress has been working so far to spoil the reputation of Modi, BJP and RSS!

Its a method called shoot a LIE and scoot! This is something that the American electorate got used to in their recent Presidential Elections!

But for a nation like India, known for hurling only accusations at each other, this is Shoot & Scoot policy is something new!

This strategy comes from the  presence of several US experts in a war room of Indian National Congress party set up in the  downtown of CHICAGO-USA! The frequent travels of Rahul Gandhi and his mother to USA explains!

Sam Pitroda, heads this Unit! His  so called ”consultants’ are highly paid political hackers who know how to play dirty with no remorse or regret. THIS FITS IN WITH CONGRESS CULTURE.

They are not different from highly paid mercenaries assigned to kill their target, and no questions asked! These political assassins are watching every move of MODI & NDA government to devise strategies and dirty reputation of Modi Sarkar!!

The Congress Party President is supposedly briefed daily by this strategy team and they coach him on what to say and when to say it!

Despite this preparedness, the  the 50 year old ‘young’ Pappu has blundered several times, but these are all covered up fast, thanks to all the PAID pro-Congress presstitutes, paid panelists and media!

Their main weapon is massive  disinformation campaign through their paid Indian Media, which is forever ready to be bought over!

Scroll, Quint, Print are all working with them on rabid anti-Modi narrative.

Independent and Public Spirited Media Foundation” is an organization based in US, whose trustees are 10Janpath acolytes like Ramachandra Guha & an editor of the loss making Business Mag, which has turned anti-Modi in the last three years.

News Channels like NDTV also on their payroll and kept alive by mysterious advertising revenues, which is surprising for a channel that has hardly any TRP!.

Recent reports in public domain also say that likes of Rajdeep Sardesai, Sagarika Ghose, Shekar Gupta, Nidhi Razdan are paid based on number of anti-Modi stories they peddle.

Stories like the Rafale deal were built up by experts in US/ Europe, based on inputs from Eurofighter, the consortium that lost out to Dassault, the makers of Rafale!

It all starts with a leak in paid media followed by Rahul Gandhi’s carefully scripted Press conf…. It is followed by political rallies dutifully covered by these paid journalists who write fake stories scripted by Sam Pitroda and his team!

Here is the big surprise!

The war on Social Media is also launched through US based SM platforms like Twitter & Facebook!.

Govt should investigate if these SM giants are paid by the INC Chicago unit to shadow block pro-BJP handles & even getting them banned while creating fake handles to insult Modi and his team!

This should have been easily tackled by Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad. One wonders if he and his team have failed in taking timely action on these anti-BJP social media behemoths head-on! I sincerely hope he takes action ASAP..

It is not surprising that our firebrand Def Minister, has correctly read the shoot and scoot guerrilla attacks of RaGa and his Congress strategists. She openly challenged Rahul Gandhi yesterday on those lines!

At least now, Hon. Minister Shri Ravishankar Prasad ji and BJP media strategists should tighten their seat belts and aggressively defend the party and Hon. Prime Minister from this fusillade of negative news by Congress!

Thank GOD, BJP has been kept relevant on Social Media by its huge army of unpaid volunteers who are doing a reasonably good job!

With a little support of BJP’s official IT team in Delhi and branches across the states, we all can mount full scale counter attack shock that their Chicago team should never get up again!

The sooner we do this, we can protect Shri Narendra Modiji and the party and help salvage BJP’s   image so that BJP gets absolute majority in 2019 and Modiji comes back as our PM.

Guest Author:Vasudev Avadhani

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