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Life crushed between ‘need’ and ‘want’, saturate your life with the essence of Hinduism

Written by Amruthavalli

Today man’s life is partitioned and muddled by greed, fear and utter selfishness.  The lexical and spiritual difference between ‘need’ and ‘want’ man has lost in his gallop towards materialism.  The tyranny of mankind is unfortunately cloned in the very evolution of man as biological entity than as spiritual being.

Rabindranath Tagore has said it so beautifully in one of his works that even before we are born, nature does everything to meet our needs and that is why, for example, the udder of a mother cow is filled milk before she delivers her calf.  The message of Hinduism is quite clear and that is, while we enjoy and celebrate our life with great attachment, we also must have highest state of mind and conviction to detach from it and only then what one ‘see’ will be different from the ‘seer’ and the ‘seeing’ shall not be the extension of the seer or what and how the seer wants see. 

When we fail to attain satisfaction and contentment from our life naturally we will run after ‘wants’ and wants are more often ‘mind driven’ and not born out of what really one requires in life.  The birth place of ‘want’ is fear and selfishness.  Fear of ‘insufficiency’ despite one being in the state of splendidness and fear of losing everything makes the man to amass and acquire more and more of wealth and all those objects that would gratify his or her greed social pomp.  Another reason why people are stuck after ‘unending tyrant of wants’ is due to selfishness; where one wants more, simply because his or her neighbour should not be richer than him or her.  Another set of selfish people also exist in our society and they never wants his or her fellowmen to be happy and rich and hence all possible resources they tap for the self through selfish means. 

Hindu mythology has shown several examples of greedy and evil minded asuras and how they were after power and authority.  To achieve the above purpose, they breached all civility, humanity and kindness and were assassins of human faith, belief in God, virtues etc.  But all of them got destroyed by divine avatar like Lord Ram, Lord Krishna etc.

When the entire evilness encapsulated in one individual and who happens to be a king like Kamsa or Hiranyakashipu or Sisubala or Ravan, Lord Vishnu would incarnate time and again to slain all those evil forces.  But today, majority of people harbour selfishness and greed and therefore expecting the incarnation of Lord Ram or Krishna again to destroy all those evil forces is far too difficult to expect.  Therefore we need to develop, promote and inculcate Lord Krishna’s and Lord Ram’s consciousness and must follow the tenets of Bhagavad Gita.

We should bind to our ‘karma’ or duty and not to the outcome.  If our karma is true, the reward is certain although sometime the reward may demand ‘some’ extra penance from us besides our true karma. 

The victory of Pandavas did not come just from Mahabharat war alone but even before the war broke out, the Pandavas suffered several defeats and were forced to face adversities by the wicked Dyryodhana and his maternal uncle- Shakuni,.  Even the period of incognito was a testing time for Pandavas.  All the adversities endured by the Pandavas have only prepared them as great warriors, committed to the cause and fully at the altar of Lord Krishna. 

Pandavas did not wage Mahabharat war to fulfil their ‘wants’ but the Pandavas fought the war because Duryodhana even denied the basic needs and rights of Pandavas.  The adharma started to rein the land with people running after fulfilling greed, wants and covet glory; naturally the enemy will creep in the form of invincible and invisible – example, novel coronavirus where the greedy man has little option to escape from such invincible, invisible enemy. 

The duress due to evil forces instead of creating paranoia in people must help people to realize the ultimate Brahman and follow virtuous deeds than be in vicious cycle.   Truth, honesty, dharma alone will save humanity from the pandemic due to COVID 19.  The essence of Hinduism and sacred paths shown by vedas and Upanishad we must re-invent and kindle our life with the above. 

Love for the country (Desh Bhakti) and love for the leader who leads the country (Raja Bhakti) are the need of the hour along with spiritual power to build a New India.  When we realize the truth that we must live and work predominantly for our ‘needs’ than falls to the claws of greed and endless wants, we will attain success with eternal happiness.  

About the author

Amruthavalli G.V – M.Pharmacy from JSS college of Pharmacy, Ootacamund, Tamilnadu. Worked in Himalaya Drug Company, Bangalore, Asthagiri herbal research foundation, Chennai and Dr.JRK’s Research and Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd, Chennai. Have published about 100 original research articles in herbal medicine.

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